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Thread: Driving myself mad

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    Driving myself mad

    Boy am I glad to find this forum. I have had some form of health anxiety since I was about 10 when I got myself convinced I had 'mad cow disease'. Since then I have been obsessed with moles and lumps and having serious life threatenning illnesses. I am now 29, female.

    The latest is an obsession with having MND. I saw an episode on Casualty months ago and since then have been obessed I have the same. I have muscle twitches and have been getting a pain in my right hip especially after driving.

    I have got obessed with stroking my soles of my feet to check for that reflex where the toes spread out and doing strength tests like hoping on one leg and using one finger to push open and heavy door. Writing this down I realise how stupid I may sound but I can't shake this thought.

    I am on 20mg of citalopram-started on it two years ago after a particularly bad time when I had myself convinced I had ovarian cancer. Don't know if this is linked but we moved house and I ran out of medication so didn't take any for about a week. I have been back on it for a week now but it seems to be this last week I have had more of this muscle twitching and greater preoccupation with having this serious illness.

    Even now as I am thinking MND is more unlikely as I am not tired or weak but am starting to google what this hip pain may be and thinking bone cancer!

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    Re: Driving myself mad

    Oh honey
    It's a relief to find this forum, isn't it? Stay away from evil Dr. Google and use this site instead and you will feel better. We are all in the same boat here in one form or another. My HA is primarily focussed on my heart, but just recently I've worried about other things, such as the big C, brain tumour and DVT. Flippin' miserable, isn't it? Anyway, just wanted to say hi. xxx

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    Re: Driving myself mad

    Welcome 80s child, youll get so much help and support here, its a life saver for us all in many ways......nice to have you with us! Take care, Paula x

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