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Thread: Benefits Stopped!?

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Yeah I went on one and got my money stopped. Because the Dr was a foreigner. The questions she should ask I wasn't asked at all.
    I've passed the same medical time after time, same responses no change in health yet I wasn't asked anything and somehow I ended up with 3 points. I knew something was wrong I just accepted it now I'm screwed for money.

    REQUEST A BRITISH DR - dont accept a foreigner speaking Dr or you're screwed. Tell them that when you fill in the form.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?


    Have you appealed? Its important to appeal these immoral decisions its complete utter mindless actions of the DWP to save money. I strongly urge you to appeal and if you have and yoy are for some god for saken reason ended up on JSA reapply for ESA with a new illness if you have one. If you need help with the appeal email me please.
    Chris W

    We aim to help any person where possible regardless of disability. Any advise offered by us is free and impartial. We operate a 24 hour email response facility to reply to your enquiries or concerns. Please feel free to message us for further details or call us on 0800 043 1781 during office hours. Outside the hours we operate an answerphone and will return your call as soon as conveniently possible.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    As many people have said...APPEAL! And get help with filling in the need to score points...I have first hand knowledge of this. Don't let them fob you off.

    Appeal, fill in the form to score, get a doctors letter and if your claim is true you will win.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Hi saralouq1980
    Did you get your benefits back?, its been a long time since May to struggle by on just tax credits
    I hope you got it sorted.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    I it all works out ok OP, it was my fear of the medical after reading not great things about them that made me switch to JSA but I am struggling with it. I am having to get a life to and from the job centre as I fear public transport, and I am finding that there is very few jobs that I could actually handle.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Hi, i have been getting esa for 3 years now. I had a bad breakdown and am still suffering from agoraphobia and depression and anxiety. i am unable to go out in to society and deal with everyday life. I had to attend an atos medical but got a doctors letter explaining he would not allow me to attend due to my medical health. Atos told me i did not have to attend and put my medical report through to DWP. I am waiting for the decision as wether i will be receiving esa again. For some reason i have been in the support group since i had my breakdown yet i have not had one letter to ask me to attend a work related inerview. I would not be able to attend it anyway as i am agoraphobic. It doesnt make sense to me why i am in a work related group when i cant even leave my house.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    i do wonder if there are unwritten instructions with some of these advisors to fail people on purpose at the first hurdle in some kind of bid to weedle out the benefit scroungers. perhaps their logic is that for those who really do depend on their benefits they will fight harder for it than those who dont deserve or are entitled to it.

    i would definitely appeal as people have said before......just because you failed first time up dont let that stop you pushing for your entitlement.

    what i hate about the system is that if you have a problem at the jobcentre end their system must automatically tell the housing and council tax office and they then place your claim on hold without telling you. i missed about 4 weeks of housing and council tax benefits before i realised it wasnt being paid into my bank. no phone call no letter nothing. when i range them to straighten things they couldnt speak to the job centre directly....oh no I have to do that for them then request a letter from the jobcentre to confirm i was still entitled to JSA, THEN post that to the housing office. what a faff. they can tie their systems together alright if it involves stopping payments but when it works the other way and you want payments they all of a sudden are totally separate office from the jobcentre. crackers.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    i meant iv bin put in the work related activity group for 3 years not the support group.

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