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Thread: Benefits Stopped!?

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Hi, I was the same, last year they tested me for physical, I wasnt allowed a home visit so I had to go, cost me 40 quid taxi, lucky I got money back, I scored 6 points and they stopped benefits, my doctor wasnt happy, I didnt appeal, but I applied in march and got letter saying not entitled plus they still sent a medical assesmant form, when rang they said I got to go to this first, also still got letters saying they want a sick note or my benefits will be stopped, er beneffits? I aint getting any. They useless
    Last time I got money months before the medical, I have to live rent free at home and my mum pays muy phone bill and stuff,
    Im gonna appeal if I fail this medical, I can't go places with out my diazepam which I don't take often,
    Just wish I could go out without having anxiety and go back work,
    Also like you they told me to sign on, how can I when my anxiety stops me from doing things,

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    It's such a terrible situation all this. Not so long ago I had a go at explaining my problem to a disability advisor in the job centre. I felt like I was being interrogated and that he would get some sort of incentive or bonus if he got me off his books!

    It might not be his fault but what a sad situation when we end up having to beg and explain ourselves to people that haven't got a clue, because we are desperate for some cash.

    Anyway, a life saver for me was when the CAB told me I am entitled to Tax Credits. What a relief not having to go down to the job centre! The job centre is no place for people with anxiety disorders in my view. It just isn't geared up to accommodate us. What a terrible place.

    I fear that the only way forward for people with these conditions is to somehow rely on yourself, be self-employed or something, but I know that is easier said then done!

    If you work 30 hours or more a week (paid or unpaid) then you can get tax credits, look it up.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    There is something inherently wrong with our system at the moment and the amount of people receiving payments has to be reduced yet, on the other hand, there are insufficient jobs for people looking for work!

    Unfortunately too many people have used mental health issues as an excuse not to work - that is not to say that genuinely incapacitated sufferers should be penalised but the problem that they have is sorting out the genuine from the workshy.

    How to explain how incapacitating mental health issues can be to someone who has never experienced it and who, to be honest, is only working to a sheet of questions with a narrow band of answer choices!!!

    I firmly believe that there should be better rehabilitation programmes for people suffering with mental health illness so that they can be helped back into society - if the government set up these programmes then those no longer working due to mental illhealth could receive their benefits upon enrolment and, in time, be in a position to return to work and not have to worry about their payments stopping.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Macc noodle have hit the nail there .
    agree so much .
    this persecution of the truly ill is appalling . not going to rant about politics though ..................a new BIG SOCIETY the PM wants .
    In exchange for benefits why cannot those suffering do what they can .at home filling envelopes if necessary ..............visiting the elderly nearby and doing a few chores etc ..answering a phone for a company etc .
    so much help we can give ......and in return a sense of worth and confidence .
    and the govt can bask in the glory of their BIG society . it seems to me the agenda is you have to get some backing from CAB or Mental Health concern .
    it is their way of sorting the wheat from the chaff it seems to me .
    just my views mind .....but feel for everyone of you .
    feel letter to my MP coming on

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?


    I had to go for the medical when i was on ESA and i failed it. I appealed and had to wait nearly a year for my appeal date. There was a judge and a dr and i just told them exactly how i was on a day to day basis. at the end of the appeal they told me i had won my appeal.

    6 months later i had a letter to say as i was on ESA i needed another medical. All the questions again were all physical questions like can you bend etc. I got a letter to say i failed again. I was told they wouldnt contact me for a year as i had won my appeal but they just dont leave you alone. They make you more anxious.

    You will still get your ESA money while you appeal.

    Good luck

    mandie x
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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    I know it sounds awful but its reassuring to hear that im not on my own, i agree with everybodys comments, especially about the 'workshy' getting away with claiming sick pay, for instance, there's a lass and lad living together near me with their daughter, he claims DLA for a bad back and she claims it for Agoraphobia and they've been claiming it for years, so when this happens to me and many other genuine claimants it really hacks me off when i find out that this fella has been running the local disco at the community centre for the kids, lifting and carrying all of the heavy equipment out of his 'mobility' car and into the disco, broadcasting on Facebook that he's been working out constantly on the multigym at home and on the Kinect game and his girlfriend is constantly out and about on her bike, up the school for various functions and also helping out at the kids disco. Im not a 'social grass' and wouldnt ever consider reporting them because my poor kids have to grow up in this neighbourhood and i wouldnt want them victimised if anyone ever found out, but its heartbreaking to know that my kids are gonna suffer regardless because i havent got enough money to give them a better quality of life. All of the stress this has caused has knocked my treatment backwards, so if the government think that by stopping peoples sick money is going to force them into employment then they are sadly mistaken, i just hope that this doesnt happen to too many other people, as some are'nt as strong as others. Thanks everyone for your kind words and advice, and to those of you suffering the same, Good Luck & Take Care x x

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    I fully agree that there are some people claiming when they shouldn't be but sadly ESA treats everyone the same which means the people who cant work are also treated badly.....

    I have agoraphobia and social phobia and have had it all my life.....i cant go anywhere on my own and have not done for nearly 7 years... there are also some places where i cant go even if someone comes with me but i am still expected to go to a ESA medical when i am switched over from income support.....i will have to get my doctor to demand a home visit as the ESA people dont like doing them.... i will then prob fail and be told i have to sign on or go in to the work activity group where i have to go to back to work interviews.....if i cant go anywhere on my own and a place like the job centre would be a total no no even if i have someone with me how on earth can they expect me to go????? but they will and if i dont go they cut my money so to them my mental health does not matter...only the amount of money i am given doesNone of the ESA doctors are qualified in mental health and a lot of the time a person will see just a nurse and not even a doctor.....
    If people go to the medical they are seen as being fit for work just because they attended even if it was very hard for them to go...... they make people wait for ages so they can write that the person was fine waiting so cant be to bad....even if the person is very anxious.....

    In the questions you are asked if you are ok going to somewhere you know if someone goes with you....if you say yes they say you are fit for work because in time your work place would be somewhere you know even though you would not even be able to go there in the first place.....

    On the form it asks can you leave home and go to places you dont know? and it only provides 3 answers......usually....not very often and it varies .... there is not a no option which is what i would tick.....
    The ESA is punishing everyone even the ill people who honestly cant work and its making the already ill even worse with the worry and anxiety that comes with it.....i have become much worse since hearing they are now starting to switch people on income support over to ESA so i am sure there are a lot more people who feel the same......

    the one thing i am lucky with is that i wont be put on the contribution based ESA as those poor people will be given a year to get better and then be chucked off many of those people are going to feel pressured in to getting better in a such a short time frame and in fact get worse with the thought of a ticking clock over there heads.....and how on earth is it seen as fare that a unqualified pen pusher sitting in the dss can say when a person is going to be better when even a psychiatrist couldn't say how long

    The newspapers are always going on about scroungers claiming 1000s of housing benefit and living the life of Riley but thats just a few..those that have big houses and loads of kids....people like me dont live on benefits we survive on them as after bills are paid there is nothing left but the newspapers would have people believe that we all have flashy cars and holidays on are yachts in the med.....well i have no car and have not had a holiday for over 10 years and that was in a chalet in leysdown so i must be doing something wrong
    I think the new system is disgusting and so does a lot of mental health charities so if anyone is having problems with ESA write to your to your GP.....ask a charity for help and get your self a advocate

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Agree with everything sara said.
    On the physical part they have yes or no answers, but not for mental health.
    'can you go out on your own' I have to tick varies.
    Can you go out places you dont know err no I can't, yet varies is pointless cos it doesnt vary.

    I'm not allowed benefits so I cant pay bills, living free is making me feel guilty, as my mum struggling to pay for me.
    Makes me angry when I read about people that do benefit fraud.. Even footballers getting paid sooo much even when they dont do much, and I get nothing, i'd love to go work if I could,
    I was reffused a home visit even tho doctor sent a letter, they said they didnt get it and another said it wasnt enough evidence,
    Didnt even ask questions that were inn the medical book, they asked about if I had pets, whats that got to do with anxiety? Yes I do and I do clean them out myself.

    After 2 years I still not gone on public transport or bought something in a shop on my own, thought of a que makes me panic and I run out,
    I had to do things for therapy and it got me to walk into town on my own, anxiety went down, but still can't go shopping, and they say im fit for work, doctors know me better than them.
    Esa expect us to sign on, as if im gonna take my mum with me and to work withh me, she has her own job.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Quote Originally Posted by haz View Post
    Appeal!! Get someone to help you. CAB or a mental health charity. DON'T apply for DLA by yourself, again try a mental health charity.
    Definately APPEAL!
    There is so much that we as normal everyday folk are unaware of when it comes to these processes - but as Haz advises - get some professional help. They are there (and employed) to help people.
    This happens in all walks of life (electricity bills, banks, mortgage companies) and they get away with it if you don't appeal.

    We all hate it - but if you don't kick up a fuss they tend to walk all over you. Please see someone who can advise you and help you get back on track!
    When it seems those around you are unable to offer any more's time to start thinking about self help anxiety alternatives to help solve your issues.

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    Re: Benefits Stopped!?

    Hi All,
    Saralouq1980 you are not alone I am sure that if need be all those who have the same predicament as you like myself will come together and force the issue through of the unrealistic tests that are given for qualification I have just had the phone call telling me that they want to test me and I am in the process of aquiring a letter from my doctor so as they can test me at home.
    I just wonder if I refused to do the exersices for them what would happen,as our condition is more mental than physical. If you could get everybody to do the same thing it may affect the way they perform the tests.
    At the end of the day if we all support each other we cannot be ignored.The suggestion of applying for DLA is a good one as at the moment I get both but this only because a social worker told us as before like you I did not think I was entitled.

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