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Thread: What if I throw up!?

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    What if I throw up!?

    Hello guys!

    I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I know I did!
    Right now I don't feel so well and I think I have a bug that's making me throw up. Last night I was worried about if I took my cit at midnight before I slept like I usually do, then was sick soon after, I wouldn't know if it would have done it's job or if I had to take another.
    Has anyone else had a similar experience or know what to do in this situation?
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    Re: What if I throw up!?

    Hi mate, if you throw up before the cit is fully absorbed I would imagine you wouldn't get the benefit from that dose, but cit has a long half life and therefore a single missed dose would not realistically hurt you. In the past when I started messing with my dose it was usually 5-6 days before I started experiencing discontinuation effects.

    I wouldn't take a second dose on the same day even if you do throw the cit back up. It's not exactly lethal to have a double dose, it just might make you feel a bit rough!
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