Hello. 1st time user here, but I am reasurred by the posts I've seen.
Started on Citalopram 10mg about 2 yrs ago... things were going really well. life was normal... after 6 mnths of NIGHTMARES events - A&E visits, surgeries for both children, stress at work, car accident, 2 small children...my life started to fall apart!!! Dec 2010 to Feb 2011 is a BIG BLACK HOLE! I cannot remember anything! Then the panick attacks started... doctor upped my Citalopram dosage to 20mg... I thought it was better. Then 1st day at CBT - the panick attacks DID NOT STOP!! Now memory loss seems to be norm...

Will my memory ever return to normal? This is starting to affect my job. Is it the citalopram doing this? Should I ask for different anti-depressants?