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Thread: Panicking right now :(

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    Panicking right now :(

    I hate this so much
    I can't concentrate on anything, on what people are saying or the tv or anything, I fear its only going to get worse and I'm not going to sleep tonight.
    I have a reason - a sick pet who I have to keep an eye on, if he gets worse I will have to call the emergency vet Where in the blue f*** am I going to find the money for that???

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    Re: Panicking right now :(

    I'm sorry you're feeling like this. Do you want to talk about what's wrong with your pet? Do you have any coping mechanisms you've previously used, deep breathing, distraction techniques you can use right now?

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    Re: Panicking right now :(

    hi ,
    are you on benefits ? if so the pdsa will see your pet for donation . think some vets are affiliated out of hours ..............feel for you . try to google pdsa in your area ....there will be some vet or hospital nearby hopefully .

    what is wrong with your pet ? feel for you xx

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    Re: Panicking right now :(

    I just looked and the PDSA only help people on council tax benefit or housing benefit, I get neither.
    He's 'under' the vet as it were, its just up to me to keep an eye on him tonight and I am finding it a big responsibility.
    Mentally I keep telling myself not to panic and that he is ok, but I am still having symptoms - racing heart, skipping beats, feeling breathless and sick and dizzy also does anyone else get this sort of 'pang' thing in the chest? Feels like I am just going to flake out or something.

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    Re: Panicking right now :(

    horrid symptoms ..............havent had the ping feeling ..........but all the others .doing the proper breathing exercises and sipping ice cold water help me .
    and if you can a warm relaxing bath..........put some music on .
    pets are more resiliant than we think ..if pet is sleeping and not in distress then dont worry.
    take care xx

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