Hi Everyone

been suffering with ROCD for about 15 years now (i`m 37)

gotten worse in the past 5 years and ive just about had enough of living like this

have tried many different medications

i`m currently on Clomipramine, just started taking 100mg about 2 hours ago
was told to go up in stages, started at 10mg, for 5 days, 25mg for 7 days, then 50mg for 7 days, and then up to 100mg

so far, i`m having these problems and i don't know what to do

feeling more depressed and more fedup than Ive ever felt
it feels like im in my own world and distant from everyone else in a peculiar way
Drowsiness during the day
Dry mouth
Sweating (this is very very bad!)
constipation (i hate this!!)
Changes in appetite.
Sleep disturbances (insomnia)
Hot flushes
Weight gain
Sexual problems

i was told by my psychiatrist to try Clomipramine as its an older type drug and really helps people with OCD such as myself