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Thread: Just started on 37.5mg

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    Just started on 37.5mg

    Hi all, just started on my venlafaxine after taking Mirtazapine and am now on day 6.
    first 4 days were fine but then yesterday i started to feel sick and not quite with it, then today after taking it im feeling so sick and yucky also my anxiety is getting more heightened so im just wondering if this is normal and will get better or if its worth stopping now as being self employed im struggling to work normally, couldnt even go to the building centre as i felt so weird.
    Gave the mirts about 7 weeks and the side effects did diminish after about 2-3 weeks so im hoping this will be the same.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Just started on 37.5mg

    Sorry to hear you feel like that PJ!

    I only took 1 of my 37.5MG Venlafaxin, not long after taking it, I started to throw up, I was shivering and broke into a cold sweat. Literally I felt like calling an ambulance and thought I was going to die!

    Im now taking mirtazipine orodispersable, I find them very different to the usual tablet form.

    But I agree, Venlafaxin can have some nasty side effects for certain people.

    I think it's all about finding out what works for you... we are all different after all

    Good luck

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    Re: Just started on 37.5mg

    Thanks for the reply ILLITER8
    Just thought I'd update my experience, the sicky feelings are still there after taking my tablet but are slowly diminishing, anxiety levels are beginning to get better and have now gone on to 75mg's from Friday (3rd June) so will update again in about 2weeks.
    Seems like the Venlafaxine are starting to settle with my body so I'm deffo feeling more positive


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