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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    Bittersweet05 that is exactly how I feel too. I've been told it's gas more than anything else. Now when I eat, poof the pain is right there between my breasts. Last year, shoulders and both arms.

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    Have any of you tried the Low FODMAP recipe? If not, you should seriously look into it. I found out about it via a different forum and then from a book I read ... and then I mentioned it to my gastroentrologist and he said that he knew all about it and that it was still fairly new research, but felt that if there's a cure for IBS, that it is likely to be this diet. ... Anyways, anyone on here should really look into it as the people at the Monash University in Australia have already identified the specific foods that are the culprits to feeling miserable with IBS and so there's a diet designed to avoid these foods for a brief period of time--like 1 month and then gradually re-introduce the avoided foods. ... Definitely talk to your doctor and/or a registered dietitian first because the reintroduction phase needs to be done carefully because if it is done poorly then the symptoms can be worse than before the diet. ... But anyways, I've been doing the diet and it's been great. One thing you'll notice with this diet is that the recipes are pretty restricted and there's not a lot of great resources online, so I decided to make an app to help my girlfriend and I make meals. So if you end up doing the diet and are finding it difficult to find recipes, feel free to check out the app that I made for my own purposes ... available on iPhone and Android ... ... Thanks! Let me know how it goes!

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    I went on clarithmycin about a month ago (been on it before and apart from the vile taste, never experiences any of the yucky symptoms associated...) With certain foods i always find sudeenly i rush immediately...tea/ coffee , chocolate and carbs esp in morning have been known to set me off. But recently, I put part down to anxiety but I have noticed now i ONLY go in morning maybe 1 or 2 times after breakfast however little or much i eat. Stools can be yellowy and quite soft (then back to light brown- sorry for the tmi!) , but i can't discuss this with doctor until i have appointment which is not till 21st- have had to wait 3 weeks. But it's making me v anxious. so i think ok maybe i am starting with ibs ( but am 32, and idk if that is a bit late for onset). Went very loose for about 2 days, so i guess that was just maybe a little unrelated bug that would have come anyway, but during that 2 days i panicked so bad. :( They say toast and bananas but i have that anyway at breakfast and doesn't seem to matter what i eat. Then sometimes i feel like i need to rush, then suddenly it just goes and am fine. I always think the worst, but i suppose also cos it's not the kind of thing you can just discuss with anyone.

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    I'm impressed with how well this post is still doing, I have IBS which causes my abdominal region to cramp and actually really hurt sometimes, along with the aforementioned diarrhea too. Sounds like this book is probably worth the getting, judging from this thread alone. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    thanks for the information!

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    Well Iím back. Things were going so well for a while. Normal bowel movements, at least they felt normal. About two weeks ago however I started to get constipation and loose stools. Now pretty much every morning very little comes out and itís loose. Itís very very frustrating!! I wake up hoping I will go normal and I donít. Iíve also had some sort of vibrating/pulsating feeling in my lower abdomen. Happens every now and then and Iím not sure if itís ever happened prior to this. I Almost fed like it has to do with my constipation but I donít know. Itís very weird and Iím curious if anyone else has ever felt that. The lower abdomen also feels just heavy in general. Like I have to go but I just canít. Iíve taken benefiber, Metamucil and they havenít helped yet. I will admit, I am moving and itís been stressful so that could certainly be the reason behind all this, but I didnít think it was stressed THAT much where it could cause all this. . I am just so frustrated with not being able to go. Whenever this happens I always think of the ďchange in bowel habitsĒ and get scared thatís what Iím having and then of course I think cancer.. one of the last bowel movements I had there were specs of bright red in it. This is crazy but I took a picture, showed to the gastro and he said it was food. But it certainly looked like blood to me! Iíve been to the gastro many times and he is CERTAIN nothing is wrong with me and basically wonít let me get a colonoscopy and thinks it would be absurd for me to do so at my age (36). I slightly disagree with him. Can anyone else speak to any of the above? The pulsating feeling in the lower abdomen..the heavy feeling where I press down on it and I certainly feel like I have to go but just canít. And when I do itís very very little. Iíd appreciate any comments on any of the abov

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    Re: For those scared by their IBS Symptoms

    Thank you
    Really well described.
    A lot of folk will relate to these symptoms and feel reassured that they are not alone in their problem.

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    Dark red blood in stools!! Help


    I have never used this site so not sure if I am in the right place. Basically I have had some bowel issues for nearly 12 months now. The basics are..

    Blood every bowel Movement, this is darker red, maroon coloured (some clots). Never is it bright red.

    Mucas in every bowel movement.

    Right side abdomin discomfort, no pain as such just an annoying hard to describe pressure feeling on the right side.

    I have had ultrasound , CT scan, barium enema and sigmoidoscopy. All of which found nothing (except three small piles I had banded last year - this made not change to symptoms)

    I am back with the specialists now and am awaiting a virtual colonoscopy. The specialists has commented that, the discomfort feeling is maybe due to IBS however he commented that the location of this would be Ďatypicalí.
    As for the blood he has said he canít say itís for piles as the colour is darker than he would expect. (He has seen photos)

    I just wondered if anyone has every experience anything like this? I suffer from anxiety health related so this is really stressing me out now. After the famous hypochondriac behaviour of visiting dr Google the only thing that seems to have all them symptoms are BC. Chrones is said to be painful and UC is on your left side. He would of expected these to be shown on a barium enema. Which leaves either IBS and internal hemeroids that for some reason bleed much darker than there suppose to or itís BC.

    I am 27 years old so I no all the stats but no one in medicine seems to be able to tell me a condition that will cause these without it being that. For example IBS is located on left side and comes and goes.. mine is always on right side and isnít pain and certainly doesnít settle down.

    I would be grateful for any replies or to be pointed in the correct direction on this site.

    Thank you anyone who has read this

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