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Thread: 2nd Day on Propranolol

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    2nd Day on Propranolol


    Day one went OK, doc had told me that i had to take 1 x 40mg, and 2 if needed.
    At about 6pm last night, i felt the shakes taking over my body again, and was feeling really anxious, i took another 20mg of propranalol, and it seemed to calm me enough, to get me through the night.
    I had a bit of a restless night and woke at 7am, and the shakes and nerves in my stomach were terrible, i lay in bed fighting to get them under control, but eventually got up at 8am and took another 40mg, im starting to calm down a bit now.
    Is this now going to be the cycle of life, taking tablets, and when the effects start to wear off, i feel like a junkie needing a fix,to calm me down.
    I was hoping that the meds would break the cycle of severe nerves and panic.
    Is there anything else i can do to try and help myself.

    Please...any advice would be greatfull

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    Re: 2nd Day on Propranolol

    hey i was on them with my panic attacks.They did help but i didnt really like them as i found that i wasnt myself on them.i am on prozac and that is helping me although i get really spaced out and popping ears all the time which is horriabe.I also got nervouse tummy shaky heart bounding my eyesight went funny it is horriable.why did this strt happeinig to you? xx

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    Re: 2nd Day on Propranolol

    Hi Chloe
    I took an inner ear virus, which affected my balance, ive been off work for 12 weeks, but while the virus was there,everytime i went out i would get dizzy and start panicing, for most of the time i have stayed at home. its really nocked my confidence.
    The ear infection is gone now, bit it has left me with really bad nerves,and i cant stop shaking and panicing every time i go out. I just cant seem to get my nerves under control.
    Im due to start back work on Monday, and im really stressing out about it. XX

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    Re: 2nd Day on Propranolol

    how are you was wrk ok?Let me know hope it was i wasnt working for 3 months cause of it i just got back into work 5 weeks ago and its ok now i can handle the attacks i just ty egnore them and also got spray from holland and barrats which still spaced out most days and get poppin in ears x

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