Hi, can anyone offer me some advice-I feel very alone and don't know who to turn to. I won't bore you with the details but basically for 2 yrs I have been harrassed/bullied by a work colleague - I have taken this to my line manager but she is part of the problem as they are friends. Anyway, things came to a head and I have been signed off with work related stress. I am terrified of the phone ringing with my employers harrassing me about having to go to work meeting, seeing anyone from work who might ask WHY I am off - I feel so ashamed and helpless. I have been told to attend 2 occupational health appts, the last of which I left the place physically in tears as he was so horrible & rude (yawning & throwing statistics at me) and telling me he is putting in the report I will be returning to work in 4wks!! When I don't feel ANYWHERE ready to return. I have now been prescribed anti-depressants from my GP but am worried about disclosing this, should I have any further OH appts, in case my employer then dismisses me on ill-health grounds. My GP wanted me to go on the medication when i was first signed off work, but I did not wish to in case my employer decided this meant I was depressed and this in turn caused my work related stress, rather than, and most certainly the case, it being the other way around. Any help will be gratefully received, I just don't know where to turn.

Thank you.