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    scared of my anxiety! :(

    im quite new here and not posted much tbh but i need some help with something im struggling to get my head round at the moment!!!
    i am suffering with anxiety and panic attacks ALOT! every nite in fact it hits me like a wave i am worse wen tired and that is alot of the time ( im 34 weeks preg 2!!) but the thing im finding hard at the moment is that i no and understand all about anxiety, about its effects on myself my body and thoughts but i dont understand why i still feel it and fear it?!!!
    another one of my fears is that what if 1 day i feel anxiety like symptoms and think nothing of them wen really they are sumthing more serious!!!!! im scared of dying an im only young (25)... any one out there feeling similar??? or any one used to feel like this who has recovered?? i might mention i am not on any meds with been preg but i am recieving cbt , only had 3 sessions ... thanks for reading

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    Maybe you should just try and concentrate on the methods which make you feel better and more relaxed? Dwelling on the anxiety itself too much might make matters worse! Look at methods which lower your anxiety levels because it is unlikely that you will get rid of anxiety altogether.

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    thankyou, yes thats true, i no i think 2 much about it which in turn makes it worse but i dont no how else to think wen it feels so bad... it becomes a vicious cycle :((

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    Hi Chanell. I'm terrified of my panic attacks, my fear of fear is what stops me doing absolutely everything and I'm the same as you I know every stupid thing to do with my anxiety but I'm still terrified

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    I agree with Eva, i suffer from panic attacks and dread them so much i cause myself to have more of them.

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    awww its so awful i cant stop thinkin about them and how bad they make me feel im so fed up rite now i keep gettin these crazy thoughts i might just do sumthing stupid to myself cos i cant take any more but my therapist expalined that this was an intrusive thought and she didnt believe i wud act upon it!
    any1 else had a similar experiance i am at the end of my tether with less than 6 weeks to go til my baby is goin to be born and all this stress cant be good for her!

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    I think you guys need to find a way to break the cycle by the sounds of it. This can be done in many ways as you probably know.

    Try some Glen Harrold self-hypnosis CDs for your particular issue:

    This is a meditation method I use regularly, follow the classes online:

    Also you can try EFT:

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    thanks for that i am goin to look into as many different options as possible something has to help

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    Hi, I haven't posted on here in a while as I've been doing so much better than I was about a year ago but I still pop on here to read posts every now and then for some reassurance when I'm not feeling too good. I just had to respond to your post as I can relate to what you're going through a lot!! My anxiety started when I was 4 weeks pregnant with my first child and it spiralled out of control coz I was so anxious about being anxious, the more I wanted my anxiety to go away the more I felt anxious and the more I felt anxious the more worried I became that my anxiety might kill me or harm my baby the more anxious I felt and the more I dwelled on it and the cycle just continued and continued. After I had my son I got worse thinking my anxiety would kill me and I wouldn't see him grow up, I had about 8 sessions of CBT which was quite useful but I couldn't stop believing that the ongoing constant anxiety had damaged my body and I would die of stress. I was also obsessed with having more children and I convinced myself that my anxiety would stop me from falling pregnant again which is very far from the truth because I fell pregnant again straight away and my daughter is now almost 3 weeks old and beautiful. My anxiety has improved a lot, I still have it everyday but now I'm able to not think about it for a few hours and feel good as suppose to my previous 24/7 crippling fear. My therapist said I was suffering from health anxiety but I'm not anxious about genuine illnesses I'm mainly just anxious about anxiety and worrie that one day my body will say that it's had enough of the stress and give up on me. If I could 100% believe that every ache and pain caused by anxiety will not harm me in the long term then I probably wouldn't be suffering at all. Unfortunately I'm so focused on my body and every sensation that it just causes me so much distress.

    Sorry to ramble on and on but just wanted to let you know that I feel very similar and have went through pregnancies feeling like this. I would like a third baby but the fears of anxiety stopping me from falling pregnant again and affecting the baby are back again. XxxxxxxxX

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    Re: scared of my anxiety! :(

    wow reading through your posts is like looking in a mirror!

    i too suffer from anxiety, and the fear of anxiety and the fear of the symptoms and the fear of the panic attacks and the fear of the fear!! i walk around all day every day thinking of my anxiety, which is the worst thing you can do, but also the only think you feel you can do?

    i analyse my feelings/symptoms 24/7, always thinking theres something wrong with me or something bads going to happen?...

    even something little like a twitch in my chest i get soo scared and panic! and the funny thing is iv been to my GP so many times and read up on anxiety disorders/panic disorders/health disorders that i know everything there is too know, and yet i still worry!?

    trying to stop the obsessive thoughs is easier said that done!

    but what i would say to you is, you have this beautiful baby coming in to your life very soon, just focus your thoughts on that! and how much joy this baby is going to bring you! you can put all your love and energy in to loving and caring for your baba



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