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    Hope this helps...

    Just wanted to post a message to anyone out there really suffering from anxiety and depression. I wanted you to know that however bad you may feel and however hopeless ur situation may be that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes time and patience and the belief that you will get better.

    I have overcome the worst anxiety imaginable, it may come back one day, but the knowledge that it is a treatable normal condition, no different to any other illness was a great comfort to me. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with you that cannot be fixed with the right resources.

    I found prozac to be my biggest nightmare, it made me feel 10 times worse after only 2 weeks on the stuff and I then made the reluctant decision to switch to citalopram, my saviour!! It really helped. I felt a little tiny bit better after 2 weeks and then after 6 weeks felt so so much better. i was also prescribed diazepam to help me relax at night to sleep which i would really recommend, only took half a tablet though and just knowing that i had that option really helped more than anything at all as it took the FEAR away and gave me some reassurance.

    I just wanted you all to know that I know EXACTLY what you are going through and how horrible and tough it can be and that you cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, but please know this, there IS light. It may take a few months or longer to find what works for you but PLEASE do not give up. Use EVERY resource available to you imaginable. Read books on depression and anxiety, use self help groups, speak to anyone who will listen about how you are feeling, phone the local crisis centre or the samaritans in the middle of the night if you are feeling alone, keep talking, keep going, you WILL get there. Make regular doctors appointments to review your medication, this gives hope and something to focus on. Use a local councelling centre if possible, I went to weekly sessions with RELATE, join AA groups, CODA groups. It doesnt matter if ur not an alcoholic or in a codependant reationship, these groups have similar themes and issues and you can just go and listen and might pick up on something of use to you.

    Write down how you are feeling, keep a diary, it may help you to understand urself better.

    Rest if you need to, set urself realisic goals, like go for a small walk even if this is the last thing you want to do. swimming and walking really helped me, even though I felt like a crazy person pounding the streets in the pouring rain at 6am in the morning with the gale force wind and freezing cold.

    What I am saying is use EVERY resource possible until you dont need them anymore.

    I wish you all the love and support in the world and want you to know that there can be light at the end of the tunnel. Just help yourself as best you can and you WILL get there. HOPE is the greatest medicine in the world.

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    Hi emmron

    We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

    Please take some time to read the website articles on the left as well for loads of advice and tips.

    “Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.” - Natalie Babbitt

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