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Thread: Channel 4 Hoarding Series

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    Channel 4 Hoarding Series

    The award-winning makers of 'The Choir' and 'Garrow's Law' are making a documentary series for Channel 4 about Hoarding.


    In 2012 Hoarding (the compulsion to collect and store excessive numbers of objects) is officially becoming recognised as an illness in its own right. Experts hope this change will make a profound improvement to lives of sufferers.

    As new research sheds more light on the condition, we want to tell the untold story of what its like to be a hoarder. Were looking for people who work full or part time, care for a family, are married or in a relationship, who have an active social life, but who also hoard.

    Maybe youre a young mother who has been recently diagnosed, hold down a full-time job but keep your illness a secret from colleagues and friends; or maybe youre living with a partner who suffers from hoarding and dont know what to do.

    If you think you could help highlight the reality of life for sufferers, or youd just like to find more out about the project, wed love to hear from you on 0207 424 7720 or at rachelharris@twentytwenty

    Thanks very much.

    Rachel Harris

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    Hi twenty_20

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    Re: Channel 4 Hoarding Series

    I just found this post when trawling past posts for something else and wondered if anyone has any experience of this. A close relative is an obsessional hoarder to the point where we are no longer allowed in the house. It is impossible to bring up the subject with her but I am worried as she is elderly and if something happened we wouldn't even know.

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