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    chewing gum

    Hi, Has anyone ever swallowed chewing gum and is still alive? I've accidentally swallowed my nicotine gum today and keep thinking about it getting stuck somewhere and causing all sorts of problems.

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    Re: chewing gum

    I have and I was totally fine. Your stomach acids will dissolve the gum and you'll be totally fine. I doubt they'd let you chew something that would be so dangerous if you swallowed it. Hope that helped

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    Re: chewing gum

    Yes many times and im still here ..It doesnt hurt occassionaly and you,d have to swallow a huge ammount to get blocked up ..suex

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    Re: chewing gum

    Thankyou Alice and Sue. I wouldn't have worried about it before starting with this awful health anxiety. It does say on the packet not to drink at the same time as having the gum your mouth. I guess your right about the stomach acids. Cheers

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    Re: chewing gum

    I know that nicotine gum can increase the chance of anxiety...i know because its happend to me so i did some reserch into it....and its been noted it can cause anxiety, ALSO i had an allergic reaction to the mint nicorette i came out in a rash all over and my eyes and mouth got swollen (which in turn brought on a panic attack).....i dont think you can die if you swollow it though...but i would seek medical help if you start to feel poorly.hope that helps.

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    Re: chewing gum

    No problem :] I have so many irrational fears that I'm just glad I can offer advice to others that I can't heed myself!

    But yeah, you'll be fine. The human body is tough :] And i'm sure hundreds of people have swallowed gum before as well.

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    Re: chewing gum

    Thanks druidkeeper, yes I'm sure it does increase anxiety and can cause palpetations and bad dreams but I've been chewing Niquitin cq gum now for about 5 years. I'd love to stop it cause I'm also worried about mouth cancer, but I just know I'd be more anxiouse if I stopped and even after 5 years I still sometimes feel like smoking. I wish they would make a gum that tastes like nrt but doesn't actually have nicotine or aspartame in it.

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    Re: chewing gum

    Yeah i know what you mean...ive been chewing them on and off for years so was very surprized to get a reaction to them...i used to think i smoked less than i chewed.. but i think the only way to stop smoking is to just stop outright...which is easy to say but EXTREMELY hard to do isnt it..have you read allan cars easy way to stop smoking??? it covers all nicotine based products....its worth a go..i havent touched chewing gum or ciggies since my P.A/reaction a few days ago..wouldnt say i was a happy person at the mo...but one day at a time hope your ok now anyway.

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    Re: chewing gum

    I will look for that book on ebay, if I leave it laying around the house maybe my husband will pick it up and decide to stop, doubt it tho'. What triggered your reaction a few days ago druidkeeper? I hope you find a way to deal with it. I have started chi gung excersises and deep breathing and it actually seems to be working, specially for the health anxiety.

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