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Thread: Liver function tests

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    Liver function tests

    I am freaking out at the moment due to liver function tests. My bilirubin levels have been high the last few times I have had my blood tested and now I am freaking out thinking they have missed something. The dr has mentioned a couple of times now that it is probably Gilberts syndrome but after google searching (I know, I know...) I am scared it is something more sinister. I have had bad reflux again and thinking it could be bile reflux and wondering if it is associated with the high bilirubin.
    It is almost 4am here and I promised myself I would not self diagnose but have ended up doing it again. I think it is due to me having to wait for gene testing results - as a HA sufferer it has been the hardest time of my life. My son was just cleared of not having this defective gene but I needed more extensive testing ... I felt amazing after we got his results but then I shifted all the attention back onto myself. I can't help but think I have something terribly wrong with me - I hate this waiting!!!
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    Re: Liver function tests

    I am assuming that the Drs have ruled out it being anything to do with gallstones??? as this is one of the most common reasons for raised billirubin levels. I do not know about Gilberts syndrome but from your post appears to be a genetic disease?

    My friends husband has permantelty raised liver enzymes and he had all sorts of tests and all fine and he is fine and this was 8years ago and now they just say its normal for him.

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