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Thread: Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

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    Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

    Hello everyone,

    Freaking out here. Yesterday evening I took a couple of cocodamol for a stinking headache. This was around 8.30pm. I think went to bed and at 10.30pm I woke up realised I was having a migraine and absently mindedly took 2 migraleve to relieve the flashing lights.

    Therefore, I have taken 4 tablets in 2 hours containing paracetamol and codeine.

    Will I be OK or should I call the doctor? I have a really upset stomach this morning too.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

    The codeine may have given you an upset stomach. As for taking 4 tablets in 4 hours, don't worry at all. Seriously there is no need to worry, you'd have to have taken a fair few more for any adverse effects x

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    Re: Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

    Hi, I agree with pacer, you won't have done any damage. Just drink plenty of water today to flush them out of your body

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    Re: Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

    Thanks Pacer and Kibbutz, really grateful for your reassurance x

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    Re: Have I Taken Too Many Tablets?

    Just to add for the future SH - when I bought Migraleve the pharmacist told me that it doesn't contain anything for visual disturbances and its only benefit over (much cheaper) generic paracetamol and codeine is that the pink pills contain something for nausea - so if you don't have nausea don't waste your cash. Hope you are feeling better xx

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