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Thread: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

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    Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I may have to have an operation soon where they would administer general anaesthetic, I've never had it before and to be honest it does worry me because I get heart palpitations and I worry it will send my heart into an irregular rhythm or something.

    Has anyone had it and if so, what is it like? Does it make you feel like you're being choked? Does it make you really sick afterwards?


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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    Hi Skippy.

    I had a general anaethetic a couple of months ago to have my appendix out and I was nervous too. The doctors were very good and the experience was fine for me.

    When I had my operation the anaesthesiologist will come round prior to the operation and have a good talk with you about your weight, height, fitness level, whether you smoke etc. They will ask if you are allergic to anything and if anyone else in your family has had any problems with anaesthetic before.

    If you are concerned about your heart, tell them (I did) and they will do an ECG before the op to make sure that your heart rythm is normal.

    It can make some people sick, but they can also administer anti-sickness medication at the same time. I had been very sick previously from having it done, but I told that to them this time and they sorted me out so I didn't feel sick at all.

    After the op, you will be monitored closely too, so don't worry about that.

    It can make you feel groggy and rough for a few days after, but it's nothing to worry about.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I've had about 15 operations. The feeling is just like going off to sleep quickly, there is not time to react or panic once the injections has happened - it takes about 7 seconds for me to go off.

    I did get sick after my last op but that was morphine for the pain, not the anaesthetic.

    You will be in good hands, they know what they're doing.

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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I have had several GAs and have always had to tell them about my ectopic beats. Last time they did an ECG beforehand. My heart was flipping away until they gave me the GA. They were not worried and I had no ill effect. I have never been sick after a GA.....everyone is different. You will not feel anything after you have the injection and you will just feel as if you have woken up right away..but everything will be over. Good luck and best wishes. XX

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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I've had several operations and had general anesthesia. I do get nauseous afterwards and so I have requested anti nausea meds after and that helped loads!
    If they wheel you in awake it's a little scary but as long as you keep in mind that everyone is there specifically for you it makes it a bit better.
    You will be fine
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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I had a knee opp a few years ago and it was my first general anaesthetic. Needless to say, I was absolutely bricking it. I could barely stand (they made me WALK to a knee operation!) waiting for the lift to the theatre because of it. Then when I was lying down I'd said I was really anxious and specifically asked for the lady to tell me when she was injecting me with it. Then I woke up in post-op.

    I won't lie, it is a bizarre experience, but it really isn't that bad. It's like a combination of a blink and sleeping - you only blink and then you're awake again, but you are aware that more time has passed than in a blink.
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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    Hi, i don't remember much about my GA cos it was about 28 years ago, but my son had surgery last week and he coped really well. He was out for the count within seconds and not distressed by it. Coming around after he was very dazed for a while and just kept going back to sleep, bur again he wasn't distressed by this. He was sick once. The nurse said it often happens, but literally a few seconds after he threw up, he was sat up in bed chatting away like normal! I think the GA can stay in your system for a few days afterwards. My son was a bit more irritable and lethargic than normal! Good luck - it's perfectly normal to feel apprehensive. I watched about 5 people walk (or get wheeled) into the surgical department, and all of then looked a little pensive! You'll be fine. Carly x

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    Re: Anyone had general anaesthetic?

    I had my gallbladder out last year and I was so wound up they gave me a shot of midazolam, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery with no anxiety. They put an anti nausea patch on me before the surgery and I never had a problem.

    I just hope I did not tell the nurse anaesthesiologist that he was hot.

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