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    Random neck pains -front of neck, sides -anxiety?

    Today I've been getting pains in my neck, mostly in the sides or in the front, they come and go, I wondered if it could be my glands but when I press around that area there's nothing.
    I've also had stiffness in my neck lately but today it's been these pains - is this an anxiety symptom?

    Also (if I can be cheeky and use this thread to ask another question) - does anyone get awful headaches when they get up in the mornings? Theyr're always there over Breakfast time, then they go.

    Many thanks for reading, I hope I'm not posting too much!

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    Re: Random neck pains -front of neck, sides -anxiety?

    I get that a lot, your neck muscles can tense up, also it could be the way your sleeping, new pillows might help, carrying a shoulder bag and hurt your neck muscles too.
    Yeah I get headaches if I over sleep, it's rather common to get morning headaches, glad yours go away after a bit

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