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Thread: feel difficult to describe :/

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    feel difficult to describe :/

    Hi everyone,

    Having a tough time tonight :(
    Its so hard to describe but i will give it a shot...........
    you know when your looking at a big bold pattern and you get a feeling that the pattern is moving??? I keep getting that sensation when im just looking around happened tonight when i was driving to my sisters house, it made me so worried i just basically walked into her house, said hi, then left again!!
    It feels like when i hold my head perfectly still, the inside of my head is still moving a bit , like when you wake up after a night drinking, that slight feeling that the world is spinning??

    i dont know what it is but its freaking me out big time :(
    someone did say it could be my ears, but the doc checked my ears last week and said they were fine so i just dont know.
    The doc also took blood from me last monday and ive not heard anything so does that mean my results were ok or that im meant to go back to get results??????
    I just feel so depressed :(
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    Re: feel difficult to describe :/

    anyone have any thoughts???
    Breathe. Breathe again. With every breath you take you are alive. Live every moment. Do not waste a breath. - nando parado-

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    Re: feel difficult to describe :/

    Sounds like inner ear trouble. I have had my ears checked before and there was nothing wrong but I was complaing of the samething. The doctor explained the following. You dont have to have something wrong with you ears to feel this way. Usually people with allergies and sinus or little colds get this. Conjestion travels into the interchange tubes and goes into the equalibrium and knocks your balance off and causes your vision to be weird.Its nothing fatal ,just a little scarry sometimes. Hope you feel better. take care
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    Re: feel difficult to describe :/

    I'm going through weird motion/dizziness symptoms at the moment myself; mine kicked off with full-on motion sickness and major balance issues a few weeks back. Haven't had a repeat of that since but what I am experiencing is strange wooziness, as though things are kind of moving when they aren't. Kinda similar to what you describe. Also that when I'm walking along, things aren't stable somehow. Recently had a weird sensation where I feel something almost like a jolt when my ears pop.

    All hard to describe and all are awful. Had my ears examined by doc and, guess what, they look fine.

    I've been here before though - had it a few years ago. Even got referred to ENT, who couldn't find a problem with my ears. It cleared itself eventually and then just resurfaced this year. Point is even if your ears look ok, It could be a drainage problem connected to sinusses/congestion. Not something serious if it is...just feels rotten.

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    Re: feel difficult to describe :/

    hey yes i have this same feeling i have allergies my ears r fine everytime they look in them i went to the ENT dr he said allergies n stuffiness doesnt cause those symptoms he said anxiety does i dont know why everyone assumes its allergies or sinuses it keeps me wondering when i hear oh its ur allergies but an ent dr would know
    i dont think hed lie to me.i have the moving feeling and funny vision to its anxiety .must be

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