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Thread: Terrified about general anaesthetic

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    Terrified about general anaesthetic

    I'm due to have one tomorrow and I just can't get the idea it's going to kill me out of my head

    I'm having a miscarriage but it's not coming away naturally so they want to do a D&C under general. Local isn't an option but I am having huge panic attacks and don't know how to calm myself down.

    I hate that I'm so weird :(

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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic

    You are definitely not weird. Most people even if they dont have anxiety issues are nervous about anaesthetics. You can always ask them to give you a relaxant or mild sedative to calm you down beforehand. I hoppe it all goes ok and wish you well

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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic


    I am so very sorry for your loss firstly.

    I completely understand your worries, and it is very common to be nervous before a general anaesthetic. I agree with benjibin. A pre- med will take the edge off of your fear and nerves and please do ask the anaesthetist - when he comes to see you on the ward before the op - to prescribe a pre-med for you. The good ones often don't even need to ask you and will suss out that you are very concerned and anxious. You can also tell the nurse admitting you that you are very nervous and would like a pre-med.

    Please try to bear in mind the millions of ops carried out which go absoloutely fine and are completely uneventful. The chances that you will be the exception are slim to none sweetheart.

    Wishing you lots of luck and to be well

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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic

    Quick reply , are u getting a pre medicated to calm you down? They are giving me something to take at the hospital due to my anxiety.
    Have you met with surgeon or the annastesiologist guy?
    Sorry spelling kind of sucks.
    You fall asleep then the next people are trying to wake you up and you may feel grump, for all the worty, honestly the anxiety will be worse than the actual getting put under x

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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic

    So sorry to hear of your sad loss. It is not surprising you are so stressed in the circumstances.

    I had to have a general anaesthetic years ago and was terrified, but in the end it was absolutely fine and had no problems whatsoever. Last thing I remembered was the anaesthetist chatting to me and expecting it to take a while, the next I was waking up and the op was over. Couldn't believe how simple it all actually was. You'll be fine.


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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic

    Thanks everyone.

    I ended up having a sedative beforehand which helped a lot.

    My anxiety is just so high at the moment. I'm not due back to work until later this weeks so I feel as though I'm trapped in my own head.

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    Re: Terrified about general anaesthetic

    glad the sedative helped you. i was to scared to have a genral when i had a missed miscarraige and our hospital perfer to give you the tablets and hormone gel thank godness they did as i would have been in the same state as you x

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