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Thread: Needing some advice!!

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    Needing some advice!!

    Just wanting to get my feelings out and to see if others experience this or if I an completely crazy lol
    My moods keep changing thay never stay levelled and when in down I feel soo insecure and get paranoid thinking people don't like me or I've done something wrong and feel useless. When I'm up it's like I've no worries and life is great and get really over confident about myself but when i am on an up I can suddenly feel like anger inside like I could shout at someone, I don't know what causes it. Just wondered if others have ever felt this.

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    Re: Needing some advice!!

    im feeling really sad tonight and anxious about my feelings :( x

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    Re: Needing some advice!!

    Hi H26,

    I have felt the same all my life! It is hell!

    Have you been diagnosed with a certain kind of depression? Maybe that`s what you need to ask you GP to arrange for you? I have only recently asked for that, but the NHS waiting list for it is looooooooong! So, the sooner you get your name down the better. It may take a few months to get an appointment for a proper assesment. After that, you will find out what treatment is best for you in the long run.

    I too feel sad, then angry, then I feel that everything is just fine, that wallop, back down to sad again. So you are not alone


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