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Thread: think im addicted

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    think im addicted

    i have been taken valium for 6 years, usually 2mg every now and then for when i really needed it so on avargae about once a month if that.
    recently however my anxiety really went through the roof and 2mg did nothing anymore, so i started buying them of the internet (silly i know)
    its now got to the point that i cant leave the house without taking 10mg, and if im out for the day i will take 10mg in the morning, annother at lunch time and then another 10mg in the evening. this has been going on for 2 months now. so on avarage im taking 30mg a day (if i go out that is)

    the doctor has now given me an antidepressant and the start up effects make my anxiety 10x worse so im using the valium a lot more until the andtidepressants kick in.
    my question is, when the antidepressants start working can i just stop using the valium? like is say i dont always take valium unless i go out so its not always a daily thing.

    any advice would be great, thanks

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    Re: think im addicted

    Hi there. After taking 30mg a day for 2 months you should not just stop completely, the withdrawal will be horrendous. What you need to do is plan a reducing dose and stick to it 100%. Also getting off the valium like this is all the more important as it is now interacting with an anti-depressant.
    Your doctor is the person who would be able to advise you coming off valium safely, but as you got them off the net Im assuming they dont know?
    Could you talk to your local chemist in confidence? Most chemists offer this confidential service nowadays. Hope things work out for you, all the best.

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    Re: think im addicted

    Valium addiction is common but please see your gp so he can prescribe a proper reducing dose plan for you. It really concerning me that you bought valium over the internet as the majority of these medications are fake. I would suggest taking the packet to your doctors and explain everything or see your practice nurse if this would make you more comfortable. Good luck.

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    Re: think im addicted I agree with the previous posters ..But this link has some good information regarding coming off medications such as Benzos .Good luck Sue

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    Re: think im addicted

    thanks for the advice, the doctor knows that i buy them of the internet, so she perscribed me some so she knew what i was taking, however they didnt work as well as the stuff i get from the net, infact they didnt work full stop. i told her this and asked for something stronger or a different type of benzo and she refused and also stopped my script for valium hence why i am now on an antidepressant.

    im seeing my proper mental health doctor in a few weeks so ill discuss it with him, seeing as my gp doesnt seem to care!

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    Re: think im addicted

    Hi. This is my first post here. Hope you manage to come off them ok. I got a letter today from my GP about me ordering my Diazepam "significantly more often" than I should be. I've been extremely silly and have been taking a bit extra too. Just a wee bit though. I'm meant to be on 9mgs a day and I think I'm taking about 11 or 12 on average. I'm really worried that he's going to give me a massive telling off and maybe discontinue my pills. If my parents find out I'm done for. :-( Nightmare drug. But it works for me so well. I was in hell before I started taking it. Now I'm an addict. Sigh.

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    Re: think im addicted

    Cut down slowly once you feel better.
    Sedatives are way over perscribed, my old doctor used to give me a box of 30 tablets, my new doctor only give me 10 tablets now at half the dose so it's really like 5 tablets.
    They last me a good few months most of the time.
    I have been on them when needed about 4 years now.
    I could not imagine taking them every day, I just hate how zoned out they make me feel.
    I find my anxiety goes up once they wear off.
    I am mentally addicted to them, I ALWAYS have one on me just in case I need it, I can't go anywhere with out one in my purse.
    Maybe try cutting down in halfs over a period of months.
    Go down one half per week? I'm not really sure but I do know it's best to taper off them.

    Sedatives should only be taken if needed or for short periods of time.

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    Re: think im addicted

    Yeah I plan on stopping my extra from now on. :-) I've learnt my lesson. :-) Might be a wee bit tough but I'll just ride the storm I think.

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