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    Depression or Manic Depression

    In February I was diagnosed with depression and given citalopram which initially was very good for me. I ended up back at the docs this month with depression back and bizarre behaviour on top of it. I have severe depression for about two weeks which then goes and I feel on top of the world - everything is wonderful and great and I have love for everyone. Then depression is back and I can't face the world for two weeks then happy, happy, happy again. It great at the time, this feeling of euphoria, but the fall into depression is awful. I am aware my behaviour is a bit hyper and feel people are looking at me as if I am mad but at the time I can't help it and don't care anyway. I normally sleep about 8 hours but am now waking up at 3 in the morning, every morning. It's a fabulous feeling but I know it is way over the top. I have been directed to a psychiatric nurse who has changed my medication to citalopram 40 mg from my previous 20mg and I feel great but I know I should not be this high! I have never been like this before. Has anyone else experienced this? Are these side effects of the citalopram or am I just a manic depressive? What is going on? x

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    Re: Depression or Manic Depression

    Hi Pictsie

    In my experience anti-depressants make me feel normal and lift me out of the gloom. I don't ever get a high as such. It does sound to me from what you have said that you could be bi-polar. I would keep telling your psychiatric nurse what you are experiencing so they can keep a close eye on it and spot any recurring patterns. If you are bi-polar they may want to put you on a different medication.


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