Hi everyone
I am a newbie here and i only have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a couple of weeks ago although i believe that i have been suffering from this from about the age of about 5. As i have lived with this all my life, i havent known anything different but i knew i felt i wasnt right, so to speak. It has affected all aspects of my life and now i have become isolated, not going out only to go to work and shopping.

I have a 14 year old son and now this is affecting him because of my inability to do things. Like take him to training and do things a mother should do. I see traits of me in him but i dont want him to suffer the same way i have. Now this disorder has begun to affect him and this is why i sought help from a psychologist. I went through things with her and she described me to a T. I feel a bit angry this wasnt diagnosed earlier in my life.

I have lived with this for so long and functioning okay, well not okay. lol
I resigned last week from work as my anxiety was starting to affect my level of work, memory, the way i lived life etc. I was in a job for five years and loved it. I think thats when the anxiety started going full pelt. I went to another job for four months and then to my job i left last week.

My self esteem took a beating and i felt i was not doing the best job i could do.I am lethargic and depressed. I am starting to get anxoius about money and bills and just want to go back to work but i know unless i do take time off and start dealing with this, i am concerned one day this will explode and i may not even be here because the strain is so hard.

I have had two sessions with my pyschologist which has been great and she explains what happens to my body when i get anxious. LOL i didnt even know i was anxious. She explained the flooding affect. The andreline floods my body and it has gotten so bad that It has caused me to be depressed. I have a bellyfully of anxiety this morning and I need to tell people how i feel. I am going to see my GP in regards to getting medication as i feel like i am going no where. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, it would be much appreciated