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Thread: small dose of mirt. and alcohol

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    small dose of mirt. and alcohol

    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick question. Last week I started a very small dose (7.5mg nightly) of mirtazipine and it has helped me enormously with sleeping patterns and anxiety during the day time. I just want to have a few drinks with my husband tonight (I am not an alcoholic, just want to sort of let loose after a very stressful week) and I was thinking of stopping tonight's dose so I could drink? Do you think that's alright? I know you're not supposed to drink whilst on anti-depressants but most people drink at some time or will I be affected?? opinions please!!

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    Re: small dose of mirt. and alcohol

    Hi mum83,

    Hope you've been able to enjoy your evening.

    I'm not a doctor myself, but my experience with it (30mg/day mz'pine for anxiety & depression), is that it's ok to have bit of alcohol - I specifically asked my GP for something that would be ok to drink on!

    Probably I'm like you - I don't abuse alcohol, but it would be even more depressing for me if I couldn't drink a bit with friends - I'd be too uptight to enjoy myself otherwise (if I'm totally honest!).

    His advice was just to drink moderately (ie not giving me permission to get full blown hot) if I did, but didn't say anything about changing my dose pattern. It's probably better to keep mz'pine levels constant, than to mess them up too.

    PS I haven't had any ill effects from a couple glasses of wine

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    Re: small dose of mirt. and alcohol

    Thanks for your reply. Now that I've finally feeling like some kind of normal on the mirt. I want to do the "normal" things I used to do, like having a couple drinks on the odd weekend, BUT I'm so afraid of 'relapsing.' I was in a very scary place 2 weeks ago and I don't ever want to go there again. I honestly don't even know if I could enjoy a drink tonight because if I'm uptight in the first place it's been known before not to work at all! I think me and hubby have decided we won't drink tonight.
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