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Thread: Waves of anxiety

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    Waves of anxiety

    I do have very bad pmt at the moment so this is a big reason why I am having such a bad day.

    I am having waves of anxiety coming upon me, it feels overwhelming and when it hits this high I feel I can't cope at all

    I hyperventilated a couple of times today whilst crying (I hate hormones!) it was scary as I thought I would have a full blow panic attack. Luckily I managed to control my breathing

    I am so tired and am just able to get through one moment at a time.

    There is no specific one thing that is making me anxious, its everything! with each wave there is a new thing or an old thing coming back, then replaced by another thing on the next wave.

    I am going to try and distract myself as I really dont know what else to do! This is getting so silly now! Im going to have to accept that I feel low,hormonal and anxious and stop fighting it. I just wish I could switch my brain off.
    Verity XxX

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    Re: Waves of anxiety

    Have you ever tried some sport activity...even meditation helps a lot



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