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Depression from Panic/Anxiety Depression that is directly related to Panic and anxiety. Please also read this Website page: Depression
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Old 27-11-17, 23:36
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New to depression. Old to anxiety

Hi. I have suffered with HA for 12-14 years. I have usuall always suffered with symptoms of the HA but recently I have been dealing a lot with depression and I have to say Iím frightened really frightened. My life seems to chasing me downs I have lots going on. Me and my husband donít get in that well at the moment, my children have had a lot if sickness I fell and hurt my back weeks ago and itís still not great and thatís getting me down a lot. I hate everything and everyone I want to be in my own but I want people to notice me(I know very selfish) and be with me. I just donít know what I want, how I feel. I just feel lost and very very angry and so sad but I just donít know why. I feel like Iím letting my kid down so much. I donít even want to be around them and thatís bad for me. I adore them and I hate the way I feel. I am just so lost with all these new feelings. Iíve had my antidepressants changed and my gp is aware. I JUST HATE MYSELF.
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Old 29-11-17, 13:09
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Re: New to depression. Old to anxiety

This might help you.
Stay in touch. Don't withdraw from life.
Be more active. Take up some form of exercise.
Face your fears.
Don't drink too much alcohol.
Try to eat a healthy diet.
Have a routine.
Take a break and dont think ofanything just you and only you. Do it for yourlsef.
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Old 30-11-17, 00:14
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Re: New to depression. Old to anxiety

THank you for ball by the one person to respond
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Old 30-11-17, 09:48
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Re: New to depression. Old to anxiety

Hi Donna This happens sadly on a forum I too don't like it. First up over the 12 or so years of having HA what have you managed to do about it? Are you on meds/therapy? Can I ask what has triggered your newish condition depression off? I have had depression for a long time been on meds many years ago came off them as they were making me worse! and now waiting for therapy. I lack motivation so don't do much each day and thrive better when I have visitors which isn't often So understand the depression side and understand how HA works too.

Yes try not to isolate your self keep busy, if you are motivated, don't dwell on your depression, and distract your self ATB
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anxiety, depression

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