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Depression from Panic/Anxiety Depression that is directly related to Panic and anxiety. Please also read this Website page: Depression
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Old 18-11-17, 01:23
Megan99 Megan99 is offline
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Please help me! Depression

I have been suffering, tormeted, and completely misunderstood with my depression. It's functional depression and it is so hard to have it taken seriously unless I am planning to do something rash about it. I feel like im in a living hell right now and I really am getting terrified that I will begin to hallucinate! I don't see my counselor for another week and I am terrified what's going to happen in that time. Does depression cause hallucinations???? If I knew that it didn't, it would make me feel a whole lot better. I just don't know what to do......
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Old 18-11-17, 11:41
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Re: Please help me! Depression

Hi Megan In a nutshell no it cant, I have had depression for some years now and never had hallucinations ever Hope this eases your mind some what! ATB
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Old 18-11-17, 17:21
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Re: Please help me! Depression

If you are feeling that badly, and you can't see your counselor for a week, can you get an emergency/same day appointment with your primary doctor? You could discuss what you are experiencing and they could prescribe something possibly? I know how terrible it feels, maybe try to force yourself to go out for a quick walk and distract yourself for a bit. Hang in there.
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