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Old 06-03-13, 03:39
pAULspybeef pAULspybeef is offline
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Swollen tonsils - worried

In November I had a bad viral infection which really laid me low. For quite a few weeks it was painful to swallow food. Doc mentioned glandular fever but never sent me for tests and subsequently ruled it out saying the virus just needed time. As a result of this my tonsils have been left somewhat enlarged and with a funny whitish staining on them. Has anyone here suffered similar? I am thinking of going back to docs. Also has anyone had tonsils removed? If so, is op ok? Finally Dr Google has thrown up nasty things; viral pharyngitis to cancer so I'm mulling it over in my mind.
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Old 06-03-13, 22:07
Ruthy Ruthy is offline
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Re: Swollen tonsils - worried

I have not had mine removed though u wastold thati should bc mine are so enlarged and i also get the white spots. For me, the dr. Said my tonsils being so enlarged and cryptic it was causing the white spots. And i also thought cancer after reading what Dr. Google had to say. Well the dr. Said the recovery for tonsil removal was about two weeks and very uncomfortable. So i decided to wait until i cant take it anymre before i jump to surgery.
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swollen, tonsils, worried

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