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Virtual Hugs Ever just wanted to say something or have a moan and then all you want in return is a Virtual Hug and nothing more? Well do it here. It may just make you feel better.
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Old 05-12-18, 23:42
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Re: I feel really sad.

You are all gorgeous, your replies have really given me something to smile about and think about.

Thanks so much Alex, I really appreciate that. ♥️ I forgive you for not using WhatsApp as much! X

Thank you Lola. I know you're right. I shouldn't base my self worth on the opinions (or what I perceive as opinions) of others.

Terry thank you for such a kind reply. You're right of course. People come together as they are. I guess I feel that everyone is worth fighting for but that's unrealistic really. Nobody could change in a way that would make everyone happy. I don't necessarily mean huge and fundamental changes, but maybe adapting certain things to show respect for the other party.

Pulisa, you're reply was perfect, thank you. It was really sweet.

I understand Mark. Logically I know that most confidence is circumstancial or a 'poker face', however sometimes it feels as though I lack the ability to do the latter. Hope you're alright.

Love to you all, thank you. Xx
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Old 07-12-18, 20:09
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Re: I feel really sad.

Originally Posted by EmmerLooeez View Post
I try very hard to be a good person and a good friend. I am always improving/trying to, I'm introspective and usually very pro-active about problems. I feel that despite this I will never manage to be good enough for other people. I have one best friend that completely understands me and I'm so fortunate for that, but I am always trying to be 'good enough' for other people or worth loving and I think that no matter what I do I will always fall short.

I guess I'm just looking for a hug. An act of kindness or some understanding. I loathe crying (only mine) but I'm crying now and I feel so sad.
I can absolutely relate, except I feel like this about the whole world, I feel not good enough for my passions, my education, a career, advice giver, friends, partners. I guess anxiety and depression really rips and tugs away at that confident, joyful part of us. But, this too shall pass, and atleast it's grounding. A wise person once told me, the day you don't feel nervous about something, thats the day that what your giving to the world is no longer good enough.

I don't know how true that is but, it does make me feel better. Hope you feel better soon
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Old 07-12-18, 21:08
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EmmerLooeez EmmerLooeez is offline
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Re: I feel really sad.

I'm sorry that you can relate Mav, but I'm grateful that I'm not the only person that feels this way.

Thanks for your lovely reply. Xxx
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Old 07-12-18, 21:51
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Re: I feel really sad.

Hi Em , my partner has always been the same trying too hard to please people and make them like her , when they let her down or generally sh@t on her she takes it very hard and it has happened so many times , she has become quite bitter at times and asks why people keep letting her down , she also says she doesn't want to do anything for anyone anymore but I point out like you she is a giver and shouldn't change , just be a good caring person and as you get older you work out that some people are worth the effort and some aren't you can't please all of the people all of the time , my partner has even got annoyed when I say someone doesn't like me but it doesn't bother me I know I'm a bit marmite you love me or hate me ( please don't start a We hate Buster thread ) .
You seem a good mum and caring person so the ones that need the extra effort to please are probably the ones that don't matter .
Take care
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Old 08-12-18, 01:23
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Re: I feel really sad.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I don't get bitter but I can certainly empathise with your partner. Your attitude towards the opinions of others seems the best one to have.

Lots of love xx
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feel, sad

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