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Old 28-03-12, 05:03
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Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

BEFORE you listen to the podcast I am giving a link to please understand that some of what is discussed COULD be triggers for some who suffer from HA.

You may be asking yourself why then would I post it.

I believe that the more we arm ourselves with information, the more empowered we are to find a solution that works for us.

In this podcast sufferers as well as members of the medical profession discuss:
When are health worries normal and how to recognize when they are encroaching on one's life.
Obsessive thoughts about one's health
Googling symptoms
Individual stories of health fears from sufferers


Basically getting HA under control, from the perspective of the doc on the podcast, is changing thought patterns.

The part I found most interesting and that struck me as the most true statement that I relate to is that HA turns into a vicious circle.
Negative thoughts equal negative reactions which in turn reinforce the negative thinking.

So if someone I know has a heart attack and I start to think "I could have one too" then my anxiety level increases which in turn causes my heart rate to increase. I may sweat and feel light-headed from the anxiety. This then reinforces the heart attack fear.

We have to learn to recognize this and change our thinking. For example, every headache IS NOT a brain tumor, every chest pain IS NOT a heart attack...etc.

Thank you to happycamper who originally posted this on the useful links section of the forum.
Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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Old 21-08-12, 21:57
Worrychick Worrychick is offline
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Frightening how much I could relate to this! So true all of it. How do you find the balance if you have a HA? My latest is eye aching and I know its probably stress, but it sure is playing on my mind. :(
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Old 21-12-13, 10:14
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Thanks for Sharing
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Old 02-02-14, 17:34
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Thx for sharing. It was helpful.
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Old 26-03-14, 17:49
I'mdave27 I'mdave27 is offline
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Thoughts do not become things
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Old 21-06-14, 05:36
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

"Thoughts do not become things." I love that.

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Old 11-08-14, 19:13
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Great information. Thanks.
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Old 25-06-15, 20:06
applewine applewine is offline
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

"Health Anxiety" is Hypochondria. I prefer something like "Health Dissatisfaction or Dysphoria"
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Old 09-10-15, 19:44
confusedandalone67 confusedandalone67 is offline
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Another great series of podcasts is The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. It's so informative and very comforting. When I was really in a bad place, I put it on before bed and listened to it while working out. They're great!
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Old 18-12-16, 00:27
Mochi Mochi is offline
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Re: Podcast about health anxiety I found interesting

Wow so glad I found this! I know it's been a while since the last post, but I wanted to say thank you anyway....

Listening to anxiety coaches podcast right now...
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