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Old 18-05-18, 01:36
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CPN - What should I have expected?

Hi all

I was recently referred to a CPN due to continuing various mental healthy symptoms. Last time I was at a CPN was about 12 years ago so as much as I tried, I couldnít remember what happens!

However after having the appt, Iím left feeling like something was missing. Yes we sat and talked about why I was referred, what has been happening with me, how Iím feeling etc but what options Iíve been given are basic.

Basically, sheís referring me to an online CBT thing to go through, suggested I go on a 7-9 month waiting list for more counselling or the usual - go off sick from work to build my resilience etc.

There was no offer of a follow up appt with the CPN or with the Occupational Therapist (who I was meant to be seeing but sheís off sick)? I expected her to say to come back in 2 or even 4 weeks time for a review?

To be honest, it felt more like a counselling appt, we talked but I felt with some of the answers I gave, I expected her to maybe go into further with me.

Donít get me wrong, she was a lovely woman but I just left feeling something was missing?

What does a CPN offer? Should more have happened? Should I have been given a follow up appt?

Any advice on a CPN and what should happen please?

Iím trying so hard to address my mental health but feel Iím banging my head against a wall at times trying to get help.

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