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Old 18-05-18, 03:20
weallmissedme weallmissedme is offline
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Worried about head injury (Please, I'm dying inside)

So, here's the deal. I'm what you call a RECOVERING hypochondriac. I've worried about many things that now don't bother me. Abdominal aneurysms, Thoracic aneurysms, brain aneurysms, cancers, sepsis, meningitis, and even congestive heart failure. I had managed to defeat all of these fears rather quickly. So imagine my delight when on last Friday, I thought it would be funny to stand on my fiances bed and go for a little jump. Welp, I bounced up, barely got off the bed, and *smack* , I went from giddy to panicking. I had less than a foot of ceiling clearance above me. His ceiling was fairly spiky, and I hit the top of my head, just a few inches from the center. I started bleeding, and immediately went to the ER to assess the damage. I was CT'd one hour after the injury, and told to go home. I wasn't told I was concussed, none of that. Just that I had some head abrasions. I went home and took some Ibuprofen, only to realize that you should never do this after a major head injury. I then got a nagging pain on the top left of my head. I had experienced this before, but now it was combined with ear pain, and eye pain of all things. I instantly dialed 9/11, thinking I was bleeding from the NSAIDs. I won't lie, I fibbed a bit and claimed I hit my head again. I go to the ER, and they say "Chill, you hit your head, take a tylenol, you're fine." . I then followed up 2 days later at a local health clinic, and the practitioner who saw me said I was "Neurologically intact" after making me do a few things. Thus far, I've only had the headache in terms of concussion symptoms. I was fine after that. But yesterday, I read a story about a woman in the UK who smacked her head in the shower, and didn't die for 6 days, as she suffered a sub-dermal hemotoma, which is bleeding in the brain. I then read that sometimes you can whack your head really good, but not have brain bleeding for weeks, and CT's will come back normal. So now I have 2 fears. A.) I was concussed, and that if I whack my head again, I will suffer second impact syndrome and die. And B.) That I will develop a subdermal hemotoma and have massive bleeding and have to undergo ridiculous treatments. I have pressure on the back of my skull, left side, just barely above the neck. Anybody who is informed on head injuries, please, let me hear from you. I need to be able to sleep peacefully and not worry so much. Thanks for reading this wall of text if you did.
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Old 18-05-18, 13:59
wilky44 wilky44 is offline
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Re: Worried about head injury (Please, I'm dying inside)

You've been told you aren't concussed. You banged your head and it bled. Any scratch or cut on the head is notorious for bleeding. Your headache will be tension. You've seen 3 specialists all of who have cleared you - you don't have concussion, or subdural bleeding or anything else for that matter
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