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Old 18-05-18, 19:49
coastgirl coastgirl is offline
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HA is back :(

I've had anxiety all my life and it's mostly around my health/dying/etc.

For about a year and a half it was dormant....it kind of comes and goes.

Right now it's back :( I'm due for my dermo checkup and it scares the crap out of me, and I think thinking about that has triggered the return.

Suddenly I was worried that I had some cancer in my body somewhere...breast cancer or something wrong.

I am on Wellbutrin (since December) and when I first started it stomach aches and nausea were the biggest side effect. Recently I've been having way more stomach aches and sensitivity and malaise and although it could be the Wellbutrin I'm suddenly afraid it's the result of some cancer in my body somewhere.

I pulled a muscle or something at the gym and my upper back has a localized pain when I bend forward, and it got me worried that I have a spine cancer because two people I know of in my extended friends of friends recently got rare spine cancer things.

Just wanted to post here because this forum has helped me in the past with my skin fears and other fears (about two years ago I had a fear of Colon cancer because I wasn't having the best bowel movements. However I have minor IBS and stress/anxiety will wreck my stomach)
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