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Old 16-09-16, 17:16
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Swollen Tonsils and soreness?

Lately my Tonsils has been swollen with some soreness, it does not hurt when i swallow or anything like that but now i'm scared it's cancer?

I have been doing good with my anxiety lately and now all of a sudden im having these thoughts again and i almost had a full blown panic attack in class today. I go to school (Live here) about 3 hours from my home town where my doctor is and im just overwhelmed.

I know its probably just my HA talking again as i was sick with a cold and some fever two weeks ago, but i just cant kick the feeling this time.

Sorry for the rant, hope you guys are having a good day though!
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Old 17-09-16, 07:35
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Re: Swollen Tonsils and soreness?

It's definitely your health anxiety.

Tonsils do swell and inflame. They're a first line of defence against infections getting further into the body. It can be extremely uncomfortable and painful when they flare up, but they're just doing their job. You'll realise that when they settle down again.
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soreness, swollen, tonsils

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