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Old 21-05-10, 16:07
snappydresser snappydresser is offline
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Re: Globus Hystericus

Hi, I've had this feeling for a few months now and the only way I can describe it is that it feels like I've swallowed a boiled sweet and it's got stuck on the way down! I went to the doctor and have had all the tests all coming back negative. It does come and go and is worse when you think about it. I started taking 1000mg tablet of Evening Primrose oil and a 285mg tablet of Sage leaf once at breakfast and once after dinner. Within four days this lump feeling just went away and hasn't come back. I just wanted to share this as it's a horrible condition and made worse when no one can figure out the exact cause. I would love someone else to try this to see if it works for them as well, I really hope so.
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Old 22-05-10, 18:31
asadsmd asadsmd is offline
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Smile Re: Globus Hystericus

hi readers,

I have this lump in throat and it is actually psychogenic probably that is why it is called a globus hystericus and it is a freudian diagnosis.

well please visit this website and try the method given there : may be it helps


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Old 24-06-12, 17:25
allboys allboys is offline
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Re: Globus Hystericus

Hello, I see that these other posts are a bit older...but I am hoping to someone will be able to help me. MonkeyPeaches...you're the closest I see to what is affecting my son. We just moved back to Arizona after living in Oklahoma for 7 years. He is only 8 and is becoming more and more upset each day w not being able to eat any solid foods and minimal liquids. This has been happening for 6 weeks now. He has been to a pediatrician...he just looked at me like I am overreacting and exaggerating. He was able to get me into an ENT and he was able to get a Barium Xray test to see how he is swallowing...he was only able to swallow little bits at a time showing nothing...and on top of that...the Dr that did the test was just impatient and nasty and we ended up leaving w my son in tears and very upset. She tried to scare him into swallowing by telling him they were going to put a tube in his nose and it would hurt. Needless to say...that day was traumatizing.
Here it is 5 days later and we are waiting to hear from the ent on how we will move forward...he was suggesting endoscopy under general anesthesia.

My son is now asking what happened to him and why cant he swallow and tells me how he misses food and remembers how he used to eat chicken strips...and cried yesterday when we went to the movies and he couldnt eat popcorn. This is also stressing for his younger brother who just wants to do normal things. We cant really move forward here until he is able to relax and eat. Ive tried relaxing him w hypnotherapy since I am a certified hypnotherapist...I see that he is relaxed during the session...but wakes up and is like he was w no swallowing. We've tried ignoring and distractions...Ive talked w him about his feelings on moving, he is ok with everything he tells me...he says he is happy. He seems happy...plays xbox and video games on his phone, we go swimming at the city pool, go to movies...he doesnt have any nervous symptoms other than being more emotional than normal...and this in my opinion is because of the current issue w him not being able to swallow.

Im trying my best to be brave and strong for him so he sees that he will be ok. I tell him it will be ok. Yesterday he almost threw up twice because he was so hungry...he said his tummy hurts so bad and he's so hungry. I gave him a boost supplemental drink...and he was only able to take a sip. My heart aches for him.

Someone please help...it's sunday and Im thinking of calling the ent answering service to get this moving along. We are waiting for him to let us know what he will do next.
I asked my son to hang in there till tomorrow and he says he cant.

Anyone with suggestions...MonkeyPeaches are you still suffering???
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Old 26-08-12, 15:38
psbsup psbsup is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
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Re: Globus Hystericus

I have exactly what you are talking about. Actually I am having it right now! Dating is impossible! It happened in my ex gf's apartment. Ate a little bit of meat, and it felt stuck. Then what happens is you start hiccup a lot and you produce a lot of phelgm. This is the bodies way of helping the food go down. But it does not work. The phelgm just builds up and you need to cough it out. This really did not start until my 30's. In my 20's I would have panic attacks. And did have documented irregular heartbeats on a few occasions. I have always been a nervous, tense, high strung guy. It comes out most socially with women. I always interacted fine with them, but when it came time to become sexual I would have a hard time taking that last step. Or saying that last line like, " let's go back to your place" to close the deal and have sex. This happened all thru my 20's and I had lots of opportunities. There must be 20-30 women out there, I could have and should have slept with but did not. I have thankfully gotten over that hurdle and perform quite well, but I never really learned how to have a relationship. As I have little relationship experience. All of these problems....of course screwed up my concentration and I was not able to stay in medical school. Essentially my life has been downhill ever since. I have been in and out of therapy for years. It has helped somewhat...but I was never really able to get my life back on track when this started happening at age 21. I was fat and socially isolated as a teenager. Had very little interaction with the opposite sex. Then lost the weight, but couldn't handle my opportunities. It just never came naturally to me and always felt awkward. The panic attacks are a symptom of my excessive anxiety, but the worst is this feeling of not being able to swallow. It comes and goes. Happens, a few times a week. It also happens at work if I am under a lot of stress. After a stressful morning I will go down to the cafeteria....as hungry as hell.... bite and then I can't swallow! I have to run for the nearest bathroom and cough it out. I have never been a big fan of eating and making conversation at the same time. I always like to do one thing at a time. I have seen psychs on and off for years. Been on prozac, and anti-anxiety medication. It helps to some degree. I believe we are all wired a certain way. Some people can climb a mountain and other people have a hard time crossing the street. Ofcourse I have had addiction issues....alcohol, percocet, valium. These are all ways of trying to deal with anxiety, depression. Funny thing....most people when they talk to me they don't see anything wrong. They see a smart, funny interesting guy. Yes.... I have learned to hide this.....but women do see my anxiety. And the only girl for me is one who can deal with a guy who is somewhat tense. I haven't found one.
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globus, hystericus

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