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Old 22-09-15, 16:34
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Re: Can anxiety cause a SORE throat symptom?


I have recently being diagnosed with anxiety. I have always felt I was a very anxious person. Although recently things have got a lot worse. I now have the more common symptoms such as psoriasis and lack of sleep etc. However I have also had a sore throat now for around six months. I have had all the test and my doctor and the ENT doctors have both said my throat is not sore. It is so frustrating because I wake up every morning with a sore feeling in my throat. It feels muscular more than "sore" or an infection it's as if all the muscles inside hurt when I swallow. I have been reasured a little after reading these posts and realising some of you have also experienced the same thing. One doctor explained to me that with anxiety and the way I am breathing when anxious, acid can be formed. With acid reflux the muscles in the oesophagus and throat work "overtime" trying to return the acid back down to the stomach if that makes sense. I was told when they looked with a camera the muscles were swollen due to this. I hope this helps reassure some people, as I have been so worried and goggle this many times. Also I was taking a lot of ibuprofen because of the throat pain and he also said this table is really bad for producing acid.

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Old 22-09-15, 17:38
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Re: Can anxiety cause a SORE throat symptom?

Anxiety doesn't cause a sore throat as such...... Anxiety causes you to be run down which makes you more prone to having a sore throat, cold/flu symptoms

Emmz xx

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Old 17-10-15, 16:43
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Re: Can anxiety cause a SORE throat symptom?

Originally Posted by mick View Post
hi Red
i had a sore throat for months some time back and i thought i had a bad illness, i kept going to the doctors who said i had a bug he said theres alot of it going about,or its anxiety,of course i didnt believe him but eventually it went away so there you go,at the moment im panicking about sinuses and tension headaches ive noticed that we seem to have common symptons m8 from reading n.m.p lately i know its anxiety causing this but sometimes it really gets you down doasnt it? its hard for us blokes to handle it at times as we are ment to be strong and tough in societys eyes im allways asking my wife for reassurance but it can be hard on her,sorry m8 ive ditracted a bit p.m me if you want anytime and im sure your sore throat is anxiety
+1 on the meant to be a man part. It's the cause of much inner turmoil these days. For others as well im sure.
Feel free to message me .
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Old 16-01-18, 04:41
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Re: Can anxiety cause a SORE throat symptom?

I have now had a chronic sore throat for THREE YEARS!!!! The doctors/hospital have tested me for every possible cause, I've had cameras down my nose and into my throat, twice! Swabs taken, allergies checked, changed my diet, blah blah, everything!! They even offered me a tonsillectomy. But it literally just dawned on me tonight (4am and can't sleep because my throat is so sore) - what if it's anxiety?!! So I googled and ended up here ..coincidently for the past three years I've been at uni - I suffer crippling social anxiety and my group at uni is small (10 people) and we are constantly sat in circles having discussions and having to speak to a group - anyone else with social anxiety will feel my pain here. My anxiety gets so bad at uni most the time I'm there that often I feel like I'll pas out if my heart pounds any harder, and regularly I have to just leave and go home. I also never sleep before a uni day - which can't be good for overall health. So yeah, now I'm really wondering if anxiety has been the cause of my chronic sore throats all along!! I guess we'll find out when uni finishes in a few months. I wanted to share my story anyway in case it helps someone else
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Old 16-01-18, 07:15
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Re: Can anxiety cause a SORE throat symptom?

Originally Posted by Hazelnut View Post
Reassuring to see that I'm not the only one experiencing a slightly sore throat. This started happening a few days ago. Sometimes my tongue feels a little sore, too - anyone else had this?
Yes, I've had this with the base of my tongue also. I'm a relieving teacher so tend to get lots of germs, last year was a shocker! I had a sore throat (it would swap from side to side), on and off for several months, antibiotics didn't work but anti inflammatories did. It only disappeared when the holidays arrived and I could relax and get more sleep.
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