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Panic / Panic Attacks Panic and Panic Attacks. Please also read this Website page: Panic Attacks
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Old 12-03-06, 23:02
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wisdom teeth

hello every one i did not really know were to post this, i was just wondering if you have had increased anxiaty or painc attacks when you had your wisdom teeth coming thro?
and also what kind of funny acks and pains you got ?

as i think this may be a triger for myself. and i also get a funny pain in my high neack and head to one side on the bone near my ear area. wich i thought was tention as it goes i think this may well be pain from my wisdom tooth as it is at the bottom and the same side the pain is on.
its not a bad pain but can get intense but has not been for a long time it comes and gose to.
just wanted to know people veiw on wisdom teath and painc/anxity?

many thanks
amanda xx thank you to every one still not sure this is the right place for this post.
hope your well xx
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Old 13-03-06, 06:30
Chunky Monkey Chunky Monkey is offline
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hey ya amanda! *lovely name by the way*

Well i can only speak from what i have seen of my sister, she had her wisdom teeth come through and although she did not have increased panic attacks, she was most certainly in a lot of pain especially in all the places you described...

But i guess that once you are concious that those teeth are breaking through you will more than likely have it on your mind and an increased chance of panicking because of uncertainty of pain.. make sure you have decent strenght pain killers to easy the pain.

Take care..xx

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Old 14-03-06, 05:01
blondeangel blondeangel is offline
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hi hunny,,,
for one thing, when we have panic or anxiety attacks it affects us physically very much...and we all have different physical symptoms. Going through anything that is stressful in any way, and haveing PD or AD or any anxiety disorder can cause these unwanted physical symptoms.
Have you talked to your dentest about your wisdom teeth? I never got mine in fully because when I was 18 I had them taken out...I had too. But at the time I did not have PD. My PD developed in my 20's after having PTSD, and going through some really traumatic times.
Sometimes it is bet to hae your wisdom teeth removed...have you discusssed this with your dentist? It is really important to do so. But, if you do not have them taken out I have heard it is painful to have them come in....and knowing that is stressful and can cause anxiety. My advice is if you are going to have them come in, to find ways to relax...just like you would in any stressful situation. If you like to read...read.......if you like to paint then paint. I know it is easier said than done, but I really beleive that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish a lot. I wish you luck in your situation and you can remember to always come here for support.
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Old 14-03-06, 14:27
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Pain can often make us feel worse and we worry about what it may be , what the outcome might be etc.


proactiveness, positivity, persistence, perseverance and practice = progress
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Old 14-03-06, 14:43
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helloo!well i had a pain in my lower tum yesterday which led to me having pins and needles then i thought iwas gunna wet myself,which of course meant there was something terribly wrong with my bladder ,which made me scared to go to the loo in case i died on th toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was in fact wind.! so i'm not surprised that the discomfort you are getting with your wisdom teeth is setting of a chain reaction,we all do it,and i'm not makin light of it[hope it made you smile tho]just be assured that is your wisdom teeth ,and your anxiety is another thing altogether we just tend to over react to our physical symptoms.Mmmmmmmmmm,wonder what ailment i'll have today????????????keep smilin.love Mary-rose.xxxxxxxxxx

we are all in the same boat and can guide each other ashore
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Old 14-03-06, 15:38
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Hi Amanda,

I can agree that the pain can be confused for the tension with anxiety, I have infact just had all four of mine taken out last monday! Not as bad as people say by the way I didn't swell or anything, little sore but hey just had something removed via surgery. I would suggest going to your dentist and getting them removed as if you leave it for a long time like I did then the pain gets worse and the headaches become blinding. I do feel all the better for having them out and I'm sure you will too.

hope you feel better soon

Take Carexx

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Old 14-03-06, 21:25
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I will tell you about my experience with sore teeth. I often get pain in my upper & lower back teeth at different times. I now see that the pattern is whenever I am really low & feeling high anxiety & panic that my teeth hurt. A few yrs ago I went to the dentist (one tooth was bothering me in particular) & he could find nothing wrong. I told him that the pain sometimes spread down into my neck. He did x-rays, took out an old filling to see what was going on underneath & found nothing. He even sent me to a specialist who was baffled. In the end he said that I must be grinding my teeth in my sleep due to stress. I think he is right because I often wake up in the middle of the night with sore teeth & gums - sometimes so bad that I am convinced that I have an abcess & I start to panic - but it never comes to anything. So I have slowly begun to realise that my panic & anxiety is what is causing these weird pains. Somepeople get pains in other parts of their bodies & get mine in my teeth & face. However, in saying that, you should get your dentist to check it out because in your case it could be your wisdom teeth - all I am saying is don't be totally surprised if the dentist finds nothing wrong. Let us know how you get on.
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