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Old 14-01-09, 02:48
louise0501 louise0501 is offline
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Advice please (i'm really scared)

hey, my anxiety has been a lot better recently and in fact i can't really remember the last time i had a full on panic attack or anxiety attack but tonight i have a migraine and headaches and migraines always make me feel anxious as i start to think i have a brain tumour. i get headaches almost every day and i have been suffering from a lot of headaches and migraines for the past year or so. i'm really worried there is something seriously wrong? is it possible to get so many headaches and migraines and for it not to be serious?
please reply
Luv Louise Xxx Xxx Xxx
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Old 14-01-09, 03:17
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Re: Advice please (i'm really scared)

Hi Louise,

It is possible for you to have headaches all the time and it not be serious.
Headaches are at the top of the list of symptoms for stress and anxiety and that is probably why you get them a lot because you are anxious.

Have you asked your GP about your headaches?

I know it's easy to say, but try not to think about it, take some painkillers, put a wet flanel on your forehead go to bed, close your eyes concentrate on your breathing and you will be asleep in no time.....(I get really bad migranes (due to hormone inbalance) and this always works for me)

Love Louisa xxx
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Old 14-01-09, 13:59
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Re: Advice please (i'm really scared)

Hi there,
It is possible that you are having chroinc tension headaches, I suffered with them for years, For years I always thought it was my sinus, after many test and visit to the doctors, I was diganoused with tension headaches. They can can be chronic and last for weeks even months.

Do you have any muscle tension in your neck & shoulders? do you clench your teeth? Do you tense you neck & shoulder muscles? I do all of this and I do not even realize I do it. It has become such a bad habit which causes the tension headaches.
Hope this has been helpful.

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advice, scared

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