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Old 02-03-10, 04:44
louise0501 louise0501 is offline
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really scared - advice ASAP

Hey, i feel awful and i dont know what it is.

i have a bad headache and i feel so dizzy that i can barely walk and my head feels so tight and tense.

this has to be a brain tumour right? i wouldn't feel this ill otherwise?

please reply ASAP

love louise xxx
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Old 02-03-10, 04:47
mikhail1028's Avatar
mikhail1028 mikhail1028 is offline
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Re: really scared - advice ASAP

Headaches can be cause by alot of things NOT just brain tumor
I think you are thinking more of the worst rather than thinking positively which u should,,,

Try not to worry on it you are just worrying on the wrong direction
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Old 02-03-10, 04:53
louise0501 louise0501 is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 718
Re: really scared - advice ASAP

its just i had a bit of a headache earlier but over the past few hours its got worse and worse and now i just feel awful and im scared to go to sleep.

what shall i do?

love louise
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Old 02-03-10, 05:58
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skylar skylar is offline
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Re: really scared - advice ASAP

Everything is going to be okay. I have had that exact feeling before and it passed and I am fine. You might struggle through this until you except it for what it is, chances are very very tiny that it is a brain tumor. Anxiety is known to cause those symptoms. One night I was so dizzy and my head felt like there was so much pressure.. not exactly pain. I was so afraid that I stayed up all night which didnt make things any better. I do my best to accept that there is nothing really wrong and the feeling will pass..
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advice, asap, scared

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