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Old 13-07-18, 17:36
wingo22 wingo22 is offline
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Petechiae---trying not to worry, getting better

Hi guys,

So Wednesday afternoon I went to play golf.Haven't been in a long time. I noticed yesterday that I have this little rash on my shoulder. I know its probably petechiae. It was hot on Wednesday, we took a cart, BUT I did carry my golf clubs with a strap on my shoulder for maybe 5 minutes. The rash does seem to be right on the spot where the strap would rub against my skin.

Im trying not to freak out about it, and feel like I can convince myself that this is from the strap rubbing against my shirt and skin. Just looking for some opinions on what you think it is. Petechiea can result from this type of rubbing right?

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Old 13-07-18, 17:42
Fishmanpa Fishmanpa is offline
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Re: Petechiae---trying not to worry, getting better

Originally Posted by wingo22 View Post
Petechiea can result from this type of rubbing right?
I carried something in under my arm the other day and today I have a bruise there (it was heavy). You carried golf clubs on your shoulder and now have some red spots. You can't make that connection?

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Old 13-07-18, 17:45
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Re: Petechiae---trying not to worry, getting better

Hey, I've got a similar thing sometimes when I do some effort carrying heavy things or something like that. Everyone's skin it's different, but in my case the tiny blood vessels under my skin seem to get broken easily when I'm making a huge effort or when I'm under physical stress (exercise, for example), maybe yours too. Any kind of friction, pressure or overload can make that kind of thing appear overnight, they take five or six days to completely go away.
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Old 13-07-18, 20:26
darthvader darthvader is offline
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Re: Petechiae---trying not to worry, getting better

Looks like a heat rash or sweat rash to me ... maybe due to having something on your shoulder which caused you to sweat more in that area.
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