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Old 13-07-18, 21:00
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BFS question


So I have this left thumb switching for about 2-3 months. Some day it happens a lot and other I don't notice it.

The thing is, it happens only when moving my thumb a certain way and then let go. It twitches for 2-3 seconds then stop. Or, if I move my thumb just a little bit (so almost no force applied), it happens and it stop when I let go and totally relax the thumb.

It happens more when I use a computer for a long time and less in holiday since I don't do much computer. So the more my hand muscles are tired, the worst it gets.

So my question is, can this be BFS ? Can BFS happen only when moving my thumb ? Or BFS is only random over the body and it's not related to using muscles ?

Note that I'm a very nervous person and I suffer from anxiety from time to time.

I went to a doctor and he almost laugh at me and told me it's nothing and showed me the exit 5 minutes later...so... His only explanation was "you don't have nothing, it happens and will probably go away sometimes".

And I know it's not ALS, don't worry

any BFS experience would be appreciated !

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