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Old 13-07-18, 22:33
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Worried about thread worms

(TMI warning) I just went to the toilet and when I looked down there was lots of little white specs on my stool, I started to freak out thinking it was worms. I had a closer look with a torch and noticed about 50 small bright white specs, some thread like. Iím really worried now it could actually be worms. I had it once before in 2013 as a kid and honestly it was what set off my health anxiety. I have also been having a lot of stomach problems this week, and this is the first solid stool I have had. I have had a lot of stomach ache and feeling sick which I get a lot anyway so it is hard to tell if it is anything to do with that. I also havenít been eating right. I was trying to think of anything I have eaten that could cause this but I honestly canít think of anything. Also when I flushed the toilet it didnít go down the first time but the water seems to flush some of the white specs off the stool. Could that mean itís worms? Iím 19 and have no idea how I would of got them, I spend most my time at home and donít come in contact with kids but I was up the airport the other day.
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Old 13-07-18, 23:32
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Re: Worried about thread worms

You can get OTC treatment for this, Jotia, so speak to a pharmacist about your symptoms.

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