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Old 13-07-18, 22:55
aanns_GAD aanns_GAD is offline
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Help, Iím Struggling

Okay. So Saturday I found out I was pregnant. I took two tests within 24 hours an at first the line was light and then got darker. Well, today I started getting cramps and startled bleeding. I went to the doctor for a check up because I feel like I could have a yeast infection. I have frequency and urgency with peeing and some discharged. My husband thinks itís from the pregnancy hormones and my anxiety. I thought well maybe itís a uti but itís not burning and sometimes I donít feel it. Idk what is going on. But now that I have bleeding, that went from spotting to almost a full period Iím so incredibly scared. I got some blood test results back and then normal range for white blood cell counts are 3.1 to like 11 and mine is at 6.5. Is that normal? Is that too low? I looked up low white cell counts and now Iím scared that I have sepsis from a uti that I didnít get checked out right away or maybe I have cancer. Please someone help. Sepsis worries me because my heart rate is pretty high. But I was just at the doctors and they didnít say anything about my blood pressure.
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Old 13-07-18, 23:24
AMomentofClarity AMomentofClarity is online now
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Re: Help, Iím Struggling

If the reference range is 3-11, 6.5 is very normal. Why would you think otherwise?
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Old 14-07-18, 01:56
NervUs NervUs is offline
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Re: Help, Iím Struggling

Bleeding like that during pregnancy is more likely related to the pregnancy than cancer or uti. You should call an OB if you haven't already. Did the doctor you saw know you are pregnant?

Are you still cramping and bleeding?
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iím, struggling

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