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Old 14-07-18, 01:03
Aimee1875 Aimee1875 is offline
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Tooth/gum abscess?

Ok so I was brushing my teeth today and it was a new toothbrush so all the bristles were quite tough and hard. It scraped against my gum and I felt tender and kinda felt around and it felt bumpy compared to the other side. The middle tooth of the photo that I attached is my problem tooth. Itís not painful,I donít get toothache from it but I had to get a filling (obviously lol) over a year or 2 ago and had to go back as it never settled right. Iíve had a look and itís kinda red and seems like thereís a yellow/white bump above it. Is this what an abscess looks like? I moved house last year and am yet to move dentist as mine is half an hour away and this has given me the push to move to the one here and get it checked out. Iím now freaking out Iím gonna need tooth pulled which you canít see it when I smile so not too bothered but the thought of pain/blood/all the pulling of it is making me feel sick
I apologise for the photo of my mouth in advance
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Old 04-08-18, 19:59
Aimee1875 Aimee1875 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2016
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Re: Tooth/gum abscess?

Sorry to bring this back up. I went today as itís just really upsetting me now. Dentist was lovely and said looks like an abscess so took an X-ray to confirm and it is indeed looking like it. She said about either root canal/extraction and will be doing root canal first. Went to reception to end up having to book for the 2nd of October!!!! I was nearly in shock! If itís infected how can I wait that long? Iím now worried about getting sepsis from it and she never gave me any antibiotics. Obviously they said if anything happens I can get an emergency appointment but not quite sure what to do in meantime. Itís just the gum thatís sore,no toothache apart from this dull pain which has happened since Iíve been playing about with it/thinking about it and I can chew on it but Iím scared that after 2 months Iím gonna be severely ill
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Old 04-08-18, 21:36
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Re: Tooth/gum abscess?

Why such a long wait? Is it an nhs dentist?

Iím sure if they weíre concerned that theyíd see you sooner

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Old 04-08-18, 22:03
Aimee1875 Aimee1875 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2016
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Re: Tooth/gum abscess?

Yeah it is. Itís because my dentist is fully booked up till that point,just feel like itís really long to wait for something like an abscess and to not even offer antibiotics to keep it at bay just now is confusing me. I suppose Iíll just have to keep an eye out in case it gets worse and will just need to make another emergency appointment if I have to unfortunately! Since Iíve went I feel like that side of mouth is tingling and I dunno if itís my anxiety or what but just suddenly feel sick and dizzy and headache etc. Donít think I can last for just under 2 months like this!
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abscess, tooth or gum

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