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Old 11-02-19, 01:29
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Hi Ruby
There are options. You could try renting somewhere very locally so you could keep a lot of the links until you felt more comfortable about the new situation? If costs mean you'd rather stay put (or have to) that's fine. How do your parents feel about your independence? I say this because sometimes parents want their children to stay at home for reasons of their own. Would your parents be happy to help you branch out on your own if that's what you wanted?
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Old 11-02-19, 19:58
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Cost is a bit of an issue, I can't do it on my own. I don't have anyone I know to move in with so would have to house share with strangers and that is so far out of my comfort zone, it's not an option.

I'm saving to buy somewhere and so focussed on that, I've probably been ignoring the fact I'm terrified of it.

In answer to your question, I think they do like having my here. I do things for them as much as they do for me. They can't afford to help me out financially so I am on my own there.
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Old 12-02-19, 17:51
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Definitely don’t feel you have to move out because of your age or because you think you should. Unless you had to move away from your hometown I don’t know why you would want to house share. Stay at home enjoy it and focus on saving to buy whenever that may be. I’m happy at home and comfortable and when the time comes if I want to move out great but I’m not thinking about it till it happens. If you never move out who cares live your life for you
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Old 12-02-19, 19:11
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Finally someone just like me. Im35 in August and Iíve got two kids im terrified same as you
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Old 12-02-19, 20:04
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

This is almost definitely going to be me and my partner and Iím absolutely fine with it. We both live with my parents and Iím nearing 25. Live your life your way, if your unhappy look for ways to change it, this is the one aspect of my condition I have yet to try and battle but I actually really enjoy being at home and I wouldnít want to leave even if it was something I considered easy.

Positive vibes,


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Old 12-02-19, 20:21
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Book a holiday and go mingle whoop no bills no problems i wish i was in the shoes of the op
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Old 15-02-19, 21:44
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Re: 33 and too scared to move out

Thanks everyone, some of your comments made me chuckle!

I will continue to save and try not to let it get to me in the meantime!
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move, scared

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