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Success Stories Successes (however big or small) can motivate others and aid with their recovery. It is always nice to see people doing so well so come back and tell us how you are.
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Old 19-12-18, 06:36
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Re: Mav moving past the panic.

Awesome! Indeed perspective is everything. How we label and react to a thought will determine what happens next. It's so clear when reading these boards and seeing it in others.

It's a common meditation theme to learn to recognize thoughts that arise (intrusive or otherwise) as simply thoughts, with no label and no reaction. Just observe it and let it float by as if it were a cloud in the sky.

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Old 05-01-19, 23:42
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Re: Mav moving past the panic.

I love running, I love running SO MUCH. It helps me SO MUCH, I feel stronger after a run, like I can take on any intrusive thought or anything really

Thats where I am at, at the moment.
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Old 11-01-19, 09:41
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Re: Mav moving past the panic.

Haven't been able to run for the past week really, now that I have come down with a fever I probably won't be able to run again for a lot of next week. Ugh. I miss that feeling already. Intrusive thoughts have been bothering me but I keep putting them into their place and not letting them become overwhelming.
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