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Old 01-02-09, 17:41
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Unhappy Bilirubin Count?!


For several weeks I was having mild pain/cramp that seemed to start under my right rib cage and by evening have moved to near my groin / ovaries area.

I visited my GP who felt my right lower abdomen and said that everything felt normal. She did however take some swabs and blood. The results of my blood showed that I had a slightly elevated bilirubin count (42) - she again took some blood, the results of which showed again a slightly elevated BC, but with the actual function of the liver fine, the swabs were all clear. She said this could mean that I have gallstones or gallstones blockages however she doubted it as the other symptons did not fit (ie only mild sporadic pain that moved). She did not apear over anxious at all about th eelevated BC and said we would monitor it, but would get me booked in for a scan.

The pain has almost now completely gone and since taking (started last week) milk thistle tablets my fatigue has also disappeared - (the fatigue could have been due to my 8 month old baby).

So I am left wondering what I have - if the pain is no longer there but the BC is still high, I have nothing else wrong with me (except anxiety now) ie sickness, swollen abdomen, pain when urinitating. I know there is a condition that exists with a high BC (Gilbert's syndrome) - however I had my liver fucntion tested several years ago and it was fine.

My doctor has booked me in for an ultrascan and I am worrying myself sick about it as to what they might find.

I did however think this morning that about 8 weeks ago my chirporactor took x-rays of my abdomen area and surely if there was somehting awful there it would have shown up - maybe not precisely but something would have shown i.e a shadow or something?

Sorry to ramble I am just getting myself so up-tight!
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Old 01-02-09, 18:13
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Re: Bilirubin Count?!

Hi, this isnt really my area of expertise but my dad has high BC and he has gilberts syndrome, it doesnt actually affect him in any physical way and his liver function is fine apart from the elevated bilirubin. Its actually oddly common (about 1 in 10 people) and most people are not even aware they have it and in most cases thre are no symptoms...my dads doctor didn't even bother mentioning to him he had it untill he changed his GP (even though it was documented in his medical records) as all other aspects of his liver function are fine.

I find that doctors like to refer people for ultrasounds...ive had a kidney one, an abdominal one and am gonna have a heart one next week (im only 22)!. I'd think its just to double check and give peace of mind, especially when there are symptoms present in the absence of an actual significant chemical change in the blood x
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Old 01-02-09, 21:30
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Re: Bilirubin Count?!

I found out in 2007 that I have Gilberts syndrome. my bili level was 42 and was told about GS but also that I was fine and it doesnt affect your life in any way. Unfortunately I was told this when my HA first kicked off and obviously I didnt feel fine. They told me to go back and get my bili levels checked and they were at 35 (normal range 2-17). Anyway I ended up in hospital with jaundice and upper right abdo pain and had bili levels of 88. Ultrasound on liver/gallbladder clear and as a precaution had my DNA tested to confirm GS which gives all these symptoms but is no danger to you.

Gilberts syndrome is something you are born with and will always have but I'd had loads of blood tests in the past and this was the first time I'd ever had raised bili levels (probably due to stress!!)

Anyway you will be fine and at least your ultrasound will put your mind at rest.
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