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Old 11-07-08, 17:58
petmad petmad is offline
Junior Member
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Worried - Pain in head down one side...

Hi there
I have had this horrible pain down one side of my head on and off for a few days now, maybe linked to hormones as only started this last week, but its worrying me. It comes and goes, it maybe tension or something more sinister which is scaring me. I have had something like it before, but this time its worrying me as its not a headache as such, just a weird shooting type pain but always on the same right side, maybe its linked to my bad neck? It doesn't help that I watched Vets in Practice last night and one of them had 2 benign brain tumours and its scared me so much as keep thinking about it. I am tired and always running round 24/7 which doesn't help!
Is this anxiety and stress do you think? I hope so....
I would appreciate some support or advise if others have suffered the same?
many thanks

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Old 11-07-08, 18:30
bex1970 bex1970 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
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Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

If you have neck problems I'm sure it could be related - also, tension and anxiety can cause all sorts of head pain - I used to feel like my scalp was being squeezed by a vice - apparently a sign of severe tension. Nerves in the neck would cause shooting like pains... Sinuses can also cause that kind of pain, my father suffers from them terribly and it can cause severe one sided pain. Have you tried nurofen or something? Please try not to worry as it will make it a lot worse... Brain tumours cause a whole host of other symptoms - I'm sure you've pulled a muscle or something really straight forward. Take care.
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Old 12-07-08, 01:43
Alisonj's Avatar
Alisonj Alisonj is offline
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Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

bex is so right. Neck problems can cause so many other problems. My face went numb down one side and I was completely freaked out. Turns out it was a kink in my neck from the way I slept causing it. Everything in that area is so intertwined.
Huge hugs and although its hard try not to worry.
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Old 12-07-08, 06:08
Trixie's Avatar
Trixie Trixie is offline
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Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

I had trigeminal neuralgia once which was focus in my left temple behind my ear and radiated down the side of my face. It was agony and made my eye water. The doctor gave me medication which helped no end.

Don't worry about having a brain tumour, I saw the programme myself and I was amazed how well the vet was going about her daily life after the op. I don't know what type of brain tumour (was it a meningioma?) she had but each one depends on it's location in the brain and their ease of removal etc.

Don't think about it I am sure you will be OK.
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Old 22-07-08, 14:15
sarah peacock's Avatar
sarah peacock sarah peacock is offline
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 41
Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

I also get shooting pains through my head. I've been getting them now for the last 6 months. Usually all over my head, they last a couple of seconds then go away. Last night though i started to get them down the right side of my head, shooting up from my neck. I've also been really worried thinking that maybe i have a brain tumor, but from what i've read today about head shocks it's really put my mind at ease. I know it's hard but try not to worry too much. It only makes it worse.
Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!
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Old 03-12-09, 10:14
Cazziebloom Cazziebloom is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 16
Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

I can totally relate and going through what you going. Don't worry honestly we always think it's the worst and it makes us anxious and stressed and therefor that makes it even worse....
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Old 23-11-11, 01:02
raigarry raigarry is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 1
Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

I have this shooting pain on the right side of my head for last 19 years. The pain moves like a bullet from right top side of my head and exits close to right side of jaw or shoulder. I never took it seriously, but one day a friend of mine who was in Med. school (3rd year) told me to avoid coffee and cheese and later on I found that when I drink too much coffee I have this pain 3-4 times a day. One thing more, this pain comes and goes away like a bullet...and I can feel it for a second. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
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Old 29-08-13, 17:24
Jennaxox Jennaxox is offline
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Re: Worried - Pain in head down one side...

Hey everyone just saw what you've been writing about & in having the same problem only up the left side if my neck into my head/face the pains come in all different places but only on my left side they really hurt & I suffer with anexity anyway but I've been to the doctors a few times & they keep telling me its either poor posture muscle spasms or nerve problems, I'm still worried sick about this :( just hope I can't enjoy my holiday as I'm going away Saturday but my anexity is taking over keep thinking what if something happens why I'm over there or what if I end up in hospital over there... It's really making
Me not want to go :/ xxx
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